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DV Auction Services

Southern Livestock Standard and southernlivestock.com have joined forces with Lambert Auction Services and Ideal Video Productions and DVAuction to offer and provide Video Auction Services to Southern Livestock customers!

Facts about DVAuction Inc:

  • The first to broadcast livestock sales via the internet (1999) and offer internet bidding

  • Registered viewership has reached over 93,000--app. 40,000 more than the nearest competitor

  • Our value added services are second to none! With your sales listing, you are listed on the main page of DVAuction, which receives an average of 250,000 hits and 60,000 unique user sessions each month; in addition to the main page, the sale listing is included on our emails that go out daily; each sale listing includes an info page (phone numbers, emails, mapped location, a website link, a pdf of their catalog, proxy bidding & a video page link (if applicable); each sale owner receives a DVD of his sale as well as info from those who watched and bid online.

  • We are the only service that has a dedicated support staff for clients and viewers. They are always on call during auctions and are happy to help in any way.

  • As the originators of this industry, our technology is superior to our competitors. Features include multiple camera angles--we can offer up to four, and our superior placement allows buyers to see the best perspective of the animals in the ring; lag time from Monitor-This gauge in the upper left hand corner tells viewers how far off real time audio and video they are; bid scrolling allows the bids that are flashed on the screen to be in real time even if there is a lag in video or audio; real time sale report--all prices are logged in to the viewing bay, allowing an up to the second sale report for viewers; and full lot information on screen for each animal.

Full Services for Both Seedstock Customers and Our Valued Auction Markets!

Become a part of the largest network of Auction Markets in the U.S.

  • Promote you auction market to our 93,000 plus registered users through our dailiy email broadcast and listing on the upcoming events calendar on the main page of DVAuction.com.

  • Ten year track record is second to none in the livestock industry.

  • We are committed to providing the very best in internet based livestock marketing for you and your customers.

  • Check out these competitive rates for DVAuction services for Auction Markets:

    http://www.southernlivestock.com/assets/catalogs/DVAuction Market Rates.pdf

  • Check out these competivie rates for DVAuction services at an Auction Market who is a DVAuction customer:

    http://www.southernlivestock.com/assets/catalogs/DVAuction Market Customer Rates.pdf

Seedstock Customers--Take Advantage of the Largest Network of Auction Markets in the U.S.

  • No other internet based service offers you the best of both worlds--commercial and seedstock producers!

  • Improve your results, visibility and exposure in the market place. Check out the results at these Spring events:

  • Check out these competitive rates for DVAuction services for Seedstock customers: http://www.southernlivestock.com/assets/catalogs/DV Auction Rate Card.pdf

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