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published: February 10th 2012
by: Brian Bledsoe

My daily battle with the warmists (i.e. the man-made global warming/climate change folks) was taken up a notch during the month of January.  The website was created to call out broadcast meteorologists that “deny” man is changing our climate.  I engaged in a twitter war with them, pleading with them to please include me as one of the “deniers”.  Fact is, I think they are a joke of an organization that is jealous that MOST people still get their weather information from television.  Because most of us broadcasters do not agree with the economically fueled agenda/hoax that is man-made global warming, they then feel obligated to call us out or try to smear us.  Sounds about right doesn’t it?  Some people, I tell ya… Enough about that, but I know you guys love it when I hate on the government/environmentalist fairytale.

Got some interesting data on La Nina today.  After it maxed out in December, it has shown some signs of rapidly weakening.  Below is an index that measures the strength of La Nina or El Nino.  It is called the Southern Oscillation Index.  Positive numbers are in La Nina territory, negative numbers reflect El Nino conditions. 
Notice where we were last year at this time, a whopping +19.9!  Obviously we were in a very strong La Nina last year and were in very strong La Nina conditions in December +23!  However, look at what has happened in January.  We have dropped to +9.4!  That is huge and the strongest evidence yet of where we are headed in the next several months.  While La Nina is likely to hang around in some capacity through the spring.  However, if you are involved in agriculture or want positive information on the drought coming to an end, this little nugget has to make you very encouraged.  Below is the latest map still showing La Nina conditions, as denoted by all that blue shading in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.
Keep in mind, for true La Nina conditions to exist, the atmospheric conditions must couple with the oceanic conditions.  We are still in that realm, but with the SOI dropping to 9.4, we are on the right track to ditching La Nina.
Drought monitor also showing the erasing of drought from southeast Oklahoma into north-central Texas.  Thanks to a couple of storms in January, moisture has been a nice change.  On the other hand, there are still some places that have not seen any appreciable moisture in a while.  Exceptional drought still a big problem for the southeast Texas coast, parts of the western Panhandle, and far southwest Texas.  Other states are still dealing with it too…  
Check out The Southeast:
Storms have not been as kind to the southeast part of the US.  Notice the extreme to exceptional drought most of Georgia.  Need to get these folks some rain, but weak to moderate La Nina’s usually spell pretty dry times in The Southeast.  Help needed…
New Mexico is still in bad shape, despite some December storms.  Southern Colorado is doing a lot better, but not nearly as well as northern Colorado.  Thanks to the last huge snowstorm that hit areas along the northern Front Range, most of northeast CO is doing pretty good.
Notice what La Nina has done for a lot of other states in the western region.  Drought has really started to show up in Nevada and California.  La Nina usually hammers Washington, Oregon, and northern California, but hasn’t done so until recently.  
Like I said, it has been an interesting La Nina.  One that has behaved like a La Nina in some parts of the country, and like an El Nino in other parts of the country.  The one thing I am focused on is the improvement and the more active storm track for areas that were in such bad shape in 2011.  The next couple weeks will be interesting, as it has been bone chilling in Alaska and Europe.  Usually, we see some of that cold air at some point in the season.  It just might be a late show…  Not ready to write off winter yet.
As always feel free to drop me a line if you have questions:
We'll chat again in March.

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