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weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: April 7th 2017
by: Brian Bledsoe
I know we are barely into spring, but I wanted to give you a preview of what our summer looks like.  The model below is the NMME model, and we’ll look at temperature first, then precipitation.  Yellow, orange, and red mean warmer than average temperatures.  Green means above average moisture.  Check out the maps below...
NMME Temperature Forecast:
NMME Precipitation Forecast:
As you can see from the maps, the model is forecasting much above average temperatures.  Precipita-tion-wise, the model suggest average to above average precipitation.  Right now, the Gulf of Mexico is much warmer than average, and I believe this will contribute greatly to the summer that we will have in Texas and along the Gulf Coast.  Also, there is hurricane potential in the Gulf of Mexico this year, due to how warm the water is.  It has been awhile since we’ve seen a hurricane threat to Texas that actually mattered.  I believe this is something we need to be prepared for this year...

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