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Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: December 2nd 2016
by: Brian Bledsoe
Hey folks, hope you are all doing well and had a great Thanksgiving.  This won’t be a lengthy update, but I wanted to show you the updated JAMSTEC Model that recently was released. Remember, red means warmer than average and blue means colder than average.  Green means wetter than average, while brown means drier than average.
JAMSTEC Temperature Outlook
December - February
March - May
JAMSTEC Precipitation Outlook
December - February
March - May
Now keep in mind, this is just a model forecast and isn’t the end all be all of forecasting.  In general, the model portrays Texas as being warmer than average through the spring with mostly average moisture.  While I think the warmer than average temperatures is a done deal, I am more worried about Texas potentially ending up drier than average...especially through the winter.  I have seen other models with the same warmer than average temperatures, but drier than average outlook and that concerns me a bit.  However, with the weak La Nina episode likely to end this spring, there is a chance we could skate through this thing and come out ok.  However, I would still be pretty cautious while the pattern is still in place.

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