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Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: June 3rd 2016
by: Brian Bledsoe

If you’ve been reading Weather Wise, you know that El Niño is done and La Nina is right around the corner.  While we are not in La Niña status yet, all of the major computer models suggest a rapid transition during the latter part of the year.  

The graphic above clearly shows the model forecasts and the transition to La Niña.  A transition to La Niña is always concerning to me, for those that live in the Western and Southern Plains.  Historically speaking, it usually means drought is likely going to occur.  However, given the fact that many of us have still been receiving rain, it will likely take a while longer for the impact of the developing La Niña to take hold.  I’ve shown you various model predictions before, but let’s see what the Climate Prediction Center is thinking.  Why?  Because I actually agree with it... 
June-August Temperature Forecast:
June-August Precipitation Forecast:
August-October Temperature Forecast:
August-October Precipitation Forecast:
October-December Temperature Forecast:
October-December Precipitation Forecast:

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