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Weather Wise

published: October 29th 2021
by: Brian Bledsoe

Analog years for the next several months

Analog years are important when considering a long range forecast. Looking at the setup that occurred in past years and comparing it to present conditions isn’t an easy task. However, it can often times give us a good idea of what is to come. So, here is the precipitation anomaly and temperature anomaly graphics with the current set of analog years (listed in the graphics):



    Yellow and orange areas were drier than average, with green and blue areas being wetter than average. White shaded areas came out near average…  
    We’ll likely cut some of these years in a few weeks as the overall setup becomes more and more clear. However, a moderate La Niña is coming and that type of situation is mostly not good for the southern tier of the country. As I always say, there can and will be exceptions to this trend, but it is something I certainly don’t like seeing. We’ll have a brand new set of models in a couple weeks and I will include them the next time we chat.

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