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Weather Wise

published: August 6th 2021
by: Brian Bledsoe

The article deadline precludes me from putting in the model output that will be available in early August. However, I wanted to give you an updated look at what they were saying when they came out in early July.
NMME Model
August -October
Precipitation Forecast

EURO Seasonal Model
August - October
Precipitation Forecast

    Behind the scenes, the NMME has a faster and stronger developing La Niña than the EURO Seasonal Model. This is important and based on what I am seeing right now, the NMME Model is a little too fast with the La Niña development. Right idea, just a little premature. At any rate, you can see the dry signal stay in some places for both models, and gradually become more enhanced. The NMME Model really expands the dryness for October. However, the impact will be largely dependent on what happens with the hurricane season. As of right now, I am still expecting a pretty big finish to the season, with areas along the Gulf Coast being threatened. We’ll see how she goes.

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comments, please drop me an email… Brian Bledsoe,

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