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published: September 6th 2019
by: Brian Bledsoe
Drought creeping
across Texas
I mentioned this in my previous article and hit it pretty hard at the Beef Cattle Short Course...drought continues to creep across Texas. The map below shows how many inches above and below average for the region. Notice that most of Texas is running below average during the last 30 days. 
While there are some areas that have received some decent rain, it has been quite spotty and has led to drought getting more established across the state. The U.S. Drought Monitor clearly shows that trend.
Moderate to severe drought has developed in the northwest part of the state, as well as over the southwest part of Texas. This is what I was referring to as “flashy drought”. This is usually short term and can be pretty harsh while it occurs. However, there is really nothing going on to perpetuate something regional and long lasting. That doesn’t diminish the impact, but at least we aren’t looking at something that takes hold and becomes very hard to least I don’t think so.
The map below shows the rainfall (above/below average) potential for the next month and a half. 
Notice that it does keep some areas that are dry right now, dry.  Other areas that have been dry start getting some rain. Again, this DOES NOT take into account any possible tropical storm or hurricane influence. However, I like the fact that the trend is to gradually pull out of the “flashy drought” and start getting some rain with the seasonal change. If I see that changing, I’ll certainly update you on it next month.

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