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Weather Wise

published: May 31st 2019
by: Brian Bledsoe

Heavy rains continue

    Last month, I talked about how the wet pattern wasn’t going to break and we were really going to have to start worrying about flooding.  Well, the heavy rains have not let up for many of us and have only expanded in northern areas. The map below shows % of average during the last 30 days.

    Many areas are running between 200 and 500 percent above average for the last 30 days.  Flooding in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and parts of Texas has been pretty amazing.  One NEVER curses the rain, but a little dry time is needed. Planting in 2019 is running WAY behind, all the way into the Northern Plains.  What does the next month or so look like?  Well, given how persistent this pattern has been, I really don’t see any reason for it to completely break down.  Remember what I always say...wet weather begets wet weather and dry weather begets dry weather.  There’s a lot of moisture in the ground that will serve as fuel for showers and thunderstorms.  Plus, that wet ground will also heat up less, which will make for cooler daytime temperatures this summer.  It will be more humid though...no doubt.

    June is still looking pretty soggy in the places that have been soggy...for the reasons I mentioned above.  Eventually, things will start to dry out as the storm track moves farther north.  However, that will take some time...and by that time, hurricane season will be getting going.
    Water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are running average around average at this time.

    However, areas around the Mississippi River will likely be running colder than average for awhile, as all the flooding runoff from the north flows into the Gulf.  Will we have to worry about an active hurricane season? NOAA is calling for an average season in the Atlantic Basin.  However, we all know that it only takes one storm to have a huge impact.

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