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Weather Wise

published: May 3rd 2019
by: Brian Bledsoe

Recent wet weather trends may continue
    Well, if rain is what you were looking for, many of you have received it.  The map below shows precipitation % of average during the past 30 days.

    The blue shaded areas are running over 150% of average, which is why some areas have had some flooding lately.  That wet trend sneaks eastward into the lower Mississippi Valley, too. This is due to the active southern storm track that has really taken hold during the past month or so.  Question is, is will it continue? Let’s check out what the latest Euro Weeklies and Euro Seasonal model to see what they say…

Euro Weeklies 45 Day
 Precipitation Forecast

Euro Seasonal May
 Precipitation Forecast

    Both models suggest that the wet trend for Texas, The Gulf Coast, and lower Mississippi River Valley will likely continue.  In fact, the map above suggests that flooding could start to become a greater concern across much of East Texas. Per my recent articles, I still see no reason to be concerned about sudden or prolonged dryness.  This may change later this year, but certainly not in the near term.

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