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Whether you are looking for long range forecasts, or current weather provided to you by our Accuweather feature, southernlivestock.com is your best source for an accurate weather forecast. Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe, author of Weather Wise, is one of the nation’s premier long range weather forecasters.

Weather Wise

published: September 6th 2019 by: Brian Bledsoe

Drought creeping across Texas I mentioned this in my previous article and hit it pretty hard at the Beef Cattle Short Course...drought continues to creep across Texas. The map below shows how many inches above and below average for the region....

Weather Wise

published: June 14th 2019 by: Brian Bledsoe

A look at  the next three months     We’ve been pretty blessed in not having to deal with drought lately.  Here we are in July, and we haven’t had any long lasting bouts of heat or dryness....

Weather Wise

published: May 31st 2019 by: Brian Bledsoe

Heavy rains continue     Last month, I talked about how the wet pattern wasn’t going to break and we were really going to have to start worrying about flooding.  Well, the heavy rains have not let up for many of us and have only expanded in northern areas....

Weather Wise

published: May 3rd 2019 by: Brian Bledsoe

Recent wet weather trends may continue     Well, if rain is what you were looking for, many of you have received it.  The map below shows precipitation % of average during the past 30 days....

Weather Wise

published: April 5th 2019 by: Brian Bledsoe

April-May outlook Soil moisture  Right now, most of the Plains are running at or above average when it comes to soil moisture.  This is something we think will be key during the thunderstorm season....

Weather Wise

published: August 10th 2018 by: Brian Bledsoe

I know we are still in the thick of summer, but that will change before you know it.  I have been looking at a lot of different models and data.  I always want to share that information with you, as it provides some insight as to what we might see....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: November 3rd 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

A look at the oceans shows that the Pacific has cooled considerably in 2017 and we have technically entered a La Niña episode. All of that "blue and green" off the West Coast of South America is indicative of cooler than average water and represents a developing La Niña....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: October 6th 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

I know a lot of you are wondering what this upcoming winter will bring.  There’s a lot of talk about La Niña and what it could mean for Texas and surrounding areas.  The latest ensemble of models continues to show a weak to moderate La Niña episode that may last through spring....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: September 8th 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

First of all, I would like to say that the folks of Southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast Region have been in my thoughts.  Here’s to better and drier times for those impacted by Harvey.  We all knew that when it came to a major hurricane, it was simply a matter of when one would strike Texas again....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: June 2nd 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

Recently, there has been a bit of dryness show up in Central Texas, but nothing excessive.  The Drought Monitor shows that clearly, as you can see below: Recent rains in North-Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma have helped things out a bit....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: May 5th 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

Seems like all most folks want to chat about lately, is El Niño…  Is it coming?  Is it here?  When will it hit my house? (kidding)  So, I’ll give you what you want....

weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: April 7th 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

I know we are barely into spring, but I wanted to give you a preview of what our summer looks like.  The model below is the NMME model, and we’ll look at temperature first, then precipitation....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: February 17th 2017 by: Brian Bledsoe

   We are rapidly moving through winter, and are in pretty good shape in terms of moisture.  No major drought issues exist  right now, which is fantastic!       There are still a few dry areas in Northeast and Southeast Texas, but nothing huge....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: December 2nd 2016 by: Brian Bledsoe

Hey folks, hope you are all doing well and had a great Thanksgiving.  This won’t be a lengthy update, but I wanted to show you the updated JAMSTEC Model that recently was released. Remember, red means warmer than average and blue means colder than average....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: November 4th 2016 by: Brian Bledsoe

Is our recent very warm weather anything out of the ordinary? Not particularly. Much of the United States is usually quite warm following a strong El Niño. The graphic below shows what a typical September and October looks like after a strong El Niño....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: October 7th 2016 by: Brian Bledsoe

If you’ve been reading WeatherWise for the past several years, you know I place a HIGH value on what the oceans are doing when I am making a long range forecast.  I think it is pretty interesting, the changes that have taken place during the past few years, and wanted to show those changes to you....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: September 16th 2016

Now that we are in September, I thought it prudent to show you what the models are suggesting for fall.  Let’s look at what three different models are suggesting: NMME Model: September-November Temperature:   September-November Precipitation: The NMME Model shows warmer than average conditions for all of the U....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: August 12th 2016 by: Brian Bledsoe

What about La Niña? Well, she isn't coming on strongly yet. Does that mean it isn't going to happen? No, not yet. Remember, we are in the wet season and the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ESNO) cycle usually doesn't like to show us its cards until after August....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: July 15th 2016 by: Brian Bledsoe

La Niña Transition Let's see how our transition from El Niño to La Niña is going…  Here is a look at the current sea surface temperature anomalies: The blue shading that you see extending off the west coast of South America represents cooling taking place in that part of the Pacific Ocean....

Weather Wise - Weather Forecast

published: June 3rd 2016 by: Brian Bledsoe

If you’ve been reading Weather Wise, you know that El Niño is done and La Nina is right around the corner.  While we are not in La Niña status yet, all of the major computer models suggest a rapid transition during the latter part of the year....

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