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Whether you are looking for long range forecasts, or current weather provided to you by our Accuweather feature, southernlivestock.com is your best source for an accurate weather forecast. Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe, author of Weather Wise, is one of the nation’s premier long range weather forecasters.

Texas crop and weather Sept. 2,2022

published: September 2nd 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

Texas wine-grape vineyards were seeing below-average yields and above-average quality following a challenging 2022 growing season, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts....

Weather Wise-September 2022

published: September 2nd 2022 by: Brian Bledsoe

After suffering through such a nasty stretch of heat and dryness, some rain actually fell. In some cases, it was a lot of rain. The map below rainfall anomalies during the past two weeks… You can see some areas have been anywhere from 2 to 10+ inches above average....

Texas crop and weather Aug. 9th

published: August 19th 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

Rice yield reports were surprisingly good despite hot, dry conditions, and prices were up, but so were input costs, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research expert.   Lee Tarpley, Ph....

Texas crop and weather-July 26

published: August 5th 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

  The shrinking Texas cattle herd is likely to translate into higher calf and beef prices years beyond a break in the 2022 drought, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

Weather Wise-August 2022

published: August 5th 2022 by: Brian Bledsoe

I will have chatted with many of you at the 2022 Beef Cattle Short Course, but wanted to give you a peek at what the latest models are saying for the rest of 2022.  NMME Model Precipitation Forecast September October November December EURO Seasonal Precipitation Forecast September October November December You can see that both models have roughly the same forecast....

Weather Wise July 2022

published: July 8th 2022 by: Brian Bledsoe

I’m writing this just before the latest long range model updates arrive. However, there likely isn’t going to be a lot of change in them, from the last time we chatted. Here is a look at the latest sea surface temperature anomalies: Again, you can see all of the blue shading along the equatorial Pacific Ocean....

Weather Wise

published: May 27th 2022 by: Brian Bledsoe

Here we are at the end of May, so let’s have a look at what the models are suggesting for the upcoming summer. NMME Model Forecast Temperature     The NMME is suggesting a substantial amount of heat across areas that are being hit the hardest by the drought....

Weather Wise

published: April 29th 2022 by: Brian Bledsoe

Is there a triple dip La Niña ahead?     While it is far from certain, I am growing more and more concerned about the possibility of another (continuation of) La Niña episode through this year and into winter 2022-23....

Weather Wise

published: April 1st 2022 by: Brian Bledsoe

A little La Niña resurgence Sometimes when a particular La Niña or El Niño episode has peaked and is trying to go away, there will be a little resurgence in the signal. Well, that’s what we have happening right now....

Weather Wise

published: October 29th 2021 by: Brian Bledsoe

Analog years for the next several months Analog years are important when considering a long range forecast. Looking at the setup that occurred in past years and comparing it to present conditions isn’t an easy task....

Weather Wise

published: August 6th 2021 by: Brian Bledsoe

The article deadline precludes me from putting in the model output that will be available in early August. However, I wanted to give you an updated look at what they were saying when they came out in early July....

Weather Wise

published: April 2nd 2021 by: Brian BledsoeIs La Niña Done?

Is La Niña Done? In recent weeks, we have seen some changes take place with the ongoing La Niña episode, primarily in that it has weakened by quite a bit. The series of graphics below shows that trend....

Weather Wise

published: March 5th 2021 by: Brian Bledsoe

Meteorological Winter Summary Well folks, the “official” end to winter has come and gone. Meteorological winter runs from December through February. I know that many of us can still see winter before or beyond that time frame....

Weather Wise

published: October 30th 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

The latest on  La Niña I have talked a lot about the La Niña that is present and how it will play a large role in the seasonal forecast. With this in mind, I want to share the latest precipitation forecast from the NMME Model....

Weather Wise

published: October 2nd 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

La Niña status and an updated look at  analog years for the upcoming winter We've been writing about La Niña for months now. It is established and is getting stronger. You can see the sea surface anomalies trend colder (bluer) during the past several weeks, not only at the surface:     But beneath the surface too:      Most models continue to show La Niña prevailing for the next several months....

Weather Wise

published: September 4th 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

A look at current sea surface temperature anomalies show still plenty of heat content globally, but also the colder than average (La Niña) signal across the equatorial Pacific. As of Aug.13th, the Climate Prediction Center had the chance for La Niña development this fall at 60% and the chance it continues through winter at 55%....

Weather Wise

published: May 29th 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

La Niña development update     While we were pretty sure about some of the signals, ENSO forecasting this time of year is always tough. Models struggle in the spring, and this is affectionately called the "spring predictability barrier"....

Weather Wise

published: May 1st 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

Most of the region is not suffering from drought. However, there are a few locations that could surely use a drink. The latest Drought Monitor shows that below…     Folks that live in far South/Southeast Texas are in the grips of some significant dryness, while most of the state to the north is in fine shape....

Weather Wise

published: April 3rd 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

One thing I continue to watch for is how the Pacific Ocean keeps changing. This is important, because it has been in a relative warm phase for the past five or so years. When it starts to cool off, the potential for a La Niña episode increases, which can cause drought issues for the Western/Southern Plains....

Weather Wise

published: March 6th 2020 by: Brian Bledsoe

I haven’t had to talk much about La Niña during the past few years. In fact, we haven’t had much problem with it for quite some time. However, there are a few signs that show the Pacific cooling down a bit, and that is always something that piques my interest....

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