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It you are looking for information pertaining to animal reproduction, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, culling for fertility, or maintaining your herd bulls, this section has what you are looking for.

Heifer development beginning at weaning

published: October 5th 2021 by: Steve Boyles source: OSU Extension Beef Specialist

HEIFER SELECTION:  Heifers can be sold at weaning or anytime thereafter.  Select at least 20% excess and continue growing the heifers until breeding.  A second selection at yearling age is helpful....

Open heifer options – making lemonade out of lemons

published: September 10th 2021 by: Kevin Laurent source: University of Kentucky Extension

  September82021 There are many events or moments throughout the year that we as beef producers look forward to with great anticipation, excitement and frankly some degree of worry. It could be the daily checks during calving season or finding out your pay weight and price for a load of yearlings you delivered to the sale barn....

Borrowing boys: Is it safe to lease bulls?

published: August 6th 2021 by: Dr. Meredyth Jones source: Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine

As breeding season approaches for many livestock species, the idea of leasing males arises. Importing genetics to improve a herd or flock and maintain hybrid vigor, without the purchase and maintenance of a male, is a very attractive idea, especially to smaller producers....

Early pregnancy detection

published: August 4th 2021 by: Aaron Berger source: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Early pregnancy detection in replacement heifers or cows is a tool producers can use to increase profit. Traditionally, cows and replacement heifers are pregnancy tested in the fall of the year and then non-pregnant cows and cull cows are marketed at that time....

Selecting an optimum breeding season length

published: April 27th 2021 by: Joslyn Beard, Livestock Specialist, Univ source: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Decisions in livestock production are never simple, but rather complex. Each decision or change in management results in multiple changes or outcomes downstream of the resulting change. One example of this would be changing breeding season length....

First feeding for the future

published: April 8th 2021 by: Dr. Rosslyn Biggs source: Oklahoma State University Ag Communications Service

Every calf represents a large investment. The first few hours of a calf’s life can determine whether that newborn thrives into adulthood. Feeding for a calf’s future health begins with colostrum, which contains the building blocks for long-term productivity....

Managing postpartum anestrus in beef cows for a successful breeding season

published: April 2nd 2021 by: Kacie McCarthyUniversity of Nebraska-Lin

As calving season is happening for many producers, we need to start thinking about how to manage cows during the early postpartum phase for a successful breeding season. Due to calving distribution, one thing to worry about is late calving cows and how limited breeding season lengths can be challenging for them....

Pay attention to calving distribution

published: April 2nd 2021 by: Igrow

Producers may be knee-deep in calving, or for others it is just around the corner. However, this is a good time to start thinking about the upcoming breeding season and subsequent calving season. The current calving season provides an opportunity to decide if the current calving situation is working well, or if management changes are needed to achieve the desired calving season....

Taking the bull from the sale ring or winter storage to the breeding pasture

published: April 2nd 2021 by: Dr. Stephen Boyles source: Ohio State University

Bulls need to be transitioned from their winter diet to grass carefully before turn out.     Recently we discussed the value in having a bull that’s passed a breeding soundness exam(BSE) and is ready to go to work when called upon....

Preparation key in herd sire selection

published: March 31st 2021 by: Don Stotts source: Oklahoma State University Ag Communications Service

Cattle producers may be feeling they’re back in school again, given the amount of homework required to determine what they need in a new herd sire. “Purchasing a new bull is one of the most important choices a cattle breeder makes in terms of operational profitability,” said Paul Beck, Oklahoma State University Extension beef cattle specialist....

Is your bull ready for work?

published: March 19th 2021 by: Dean Kreager source: Ohio State University

Should a person wait until the hay is mowed before looking at the rake and baler to fix any problems that carried over from last year? Would they head out on a cross country drive without at least checking the oil and tires? If most people answered no to these questions, then why do so many people just turn their bull in with the cows without first being sure that he is ready to do his job....

Pregnant Mares: What owners need to know as foaling time approaches

published: March 4th 2021 by: G. Reed Holyoak, DVM, Ph.D., Dipl source: Oklahoma State University Ag Communications Service

During a mare’s pregnancy, moderate exercise  such as vigorous walking or riding will help control her weight and maintain muscle tone and strength needed for the last two months of pregnancy....

Texas A&M study aims to reduce cattle reproduction failures, economic losses

published: February 9th 2021 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

The next crop of calves is what keeps the cattle industry in business. Knowing this, a Texas A&M University study aims to reduce reproduction failure, which can cause a significant loss to the U.S....

The cost of pregnancy loss

published: December 2nd 2020 source: Beef Cattle Browsing

In a recent multicounty webinar series titled “Show Me the Money”, speakers addressed the topic of value and cost of lost pregnancies. Pregnancy rates determined at pregnancy checks are usually higher than number of calves born....

Calving and rebreeding tips

published: November 19th 2020 by: Chad Zender, Ph.D. source: Purina Mills

Calving and rebreeding are two sides of a coin; a calf is ultimately the result of a year-round breeding plan for cattle. Simultaneously preparing for beef cattle calving and rebreeding puts you in position to achieve your breeding herd goals: A 365-day calving cycle A tight calving window More and bigger calves How a heifer or cow calves out will impact how quickly she can be rebred....

Role of the bull in poor pregnancy outcomes

published: September 18th 2020 by: Sandy Johnson, Kansas Extension Beef spe

When the number of cows pregnant is far below expectations, poor reproductive performance by both cows and bulls must be considered.  Keep in mind that in some cases multiple issues may contribute....

Producers may find two-stage weaning process useful

published: September 18th 2020 source: Oklahoma State University Extension

Cattle producers have several options to reduce animal stress during weaning.     “Many people eat a lot when they are stressed, but calves tend to do the opposite,” said Earl H....

Valuing bred beef heifers

published: August 25th 2020 by: Dr. Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee

Several weeks ago, there was a discussion on rules of thumb for valuing bred beef heifers. This led to a question this week about rules of thumb related to valuing bred cows and their appreciation and depreciation....

Some Ideas on Converting from Year-round Calving to a Controlled Breeding Season

published: July 20th 2020 by: Dr. Les Anderson source: The Ohio Beef Leader

Maintaining a controlled breeding and calving season can be one of the most important management tools for cow-calf producers. A uniform, heavier, and more valuable calf crop is one key reason for keeping the breeding season short....

Opportunities and Options for Pregnancy Staging

published: July 10th 2020 by: Sandy Johnson

For any number of reasons from shortage of pasture to cattle marketing opportunities, knowledge of if and when a cow or heifer is pregnant is valuable.  That information can be used to identify early bred yearlings for replacements and late bred or open females to remove from pasture in order to extend the grazing season....

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