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Cattle Production and livestock production articles will include information on production costs and those issues we face that influence our supply and demand.

Regardless of the market, don’t stop doing the little things

published: May 26th 2023 by: Dr. Kenny Burdine source: Southern Livestock Standard

It’s mid-May and a lot of fall born calves have moved through markets at price levels that have not been seen for quite some time. Others have been placed into growing programs with the anticipation of strong feeder cattle price levels this fall....

No Bull-the value of castration for calves

published: May 26th 2023 by: Kelly Currie Raper source: Southern Livestock Standard

A look at previous numbers collected by OSU Extension specialists indicate that, in 2013, 10.3% of the lots coming through the livestock auction at selected weaned and feeder calf sales were lots containing bulls....

While cattle prices continue to rise, high production costs, inflation undercut profits

published: April 27th 2023 by: Ryan McGeeney source: Southern Livestock Standard

For the entirety of 2023, slaughtered steer prices across all U.S. markets have remained above those of the previous year by 20-30 cwt, ranging from $155 to $170, and practically soared above the 2017-2021 average by 40 cwt or more....

Understanding scours

published: April 26th 2023 by: Halden Clark, DVM MS, Health Stewardship source: Southern Livestock Standard

Neonatal calf diarrhea, or scours, is a common concern among cow-calf producers.  Understanding why scours occurs is the first step in preventing the problem.  Calf scours outbreaks are the result of a contaminated calving and nursing environment....

The toolbox

published: March 31st 2023 by: Jason Duggin source: Southern Livestock Standard

At our operations and even our homes we tend to not always have every tool that we may need. It may be that we need a seed drill, but it’s more economical to lease one. Still, some tools are an absolute necessity, like a pair of fencing plyers....

Price is only part of the cow-calf revenue story

published: March 3rd 2023 by: By Dr. Kenny Burdine source: University of Kentucky

This calf market is starting to run, and I can feel the excitement as I travel this winter and talk with cattle producers at Extension programs. Calf prices have increased by $10-$20 per cwt in a lot of Southern markets since the end of 2022 and are likely to continue to improve as we move into spring....

Land stewardship conference returns April 13-14 to Kerrville

published: February 20th 2023 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

Registration is open for the seventh Hill Country Land Stewardship Conference April 13-14 in Kerrville. The event is designed to help landowners and managers address the unique management needs of the Hill Country....

To reimplant, or not to reimplant . . . that is the question

published: February 3rd 2023 by: Tara L. Felix, Penn State University Ext source: Southern Livestock Standard

The Food and Drug Administration recently published FDA GFI #191. Some readers may recall discussions of a similar “GFI” (Guidance for Industry) in 2017 when FDA began requiring a veterinary feed directive, or VFD, for antibiotics delivered in feed to production animals....

Beef producers: ’Get your house in order’ in 2023

published: January 19th 2023 by: Linda Geist source: University of Missouri Extension

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. – Beef producers should approach 2023 with cautious optimism – matched with resolutions of good management and investment in infrastructure, says University of Missouri Extension agriculture business specialist Wesley Tucker....

Calculating Annual Cow Costs Webinar Series: Jan.19, 26 and Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23

published: January 18th 2023 by: Aaron Berger source: University of Nebraska Extension

Knowing annual cow costs is the foundation for evaluating and making management decisions that can improve profitability for a cow-calf enterprise. Significant increases in input costs are challenging producers to examine cost of production and identify where there may be opportunities to adjust the production system....

Rebuilding herds, pastures focus of Jan. 18 seminar in Dumas

published: January 11th 2023 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

Rebuilding Your Herd and Pasture Seminar will be hosted Jan. 18 by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at the Moore County Community Building, 1600 S. Maddox Ave., Dumas. Registration will begin at 8:30 a....

The importance of colostrum

published: January 6th 2023 by: Gregg Hanzlicek, DVM source: Kansas State University

At the beginning of every calving season, we find ourselves discussing the importance of colostrum (first milk) in cow-calf herds. We discuss this topic so often; it makes one wonder if we shouldn’t move on to other topics? The short answer to that question is NO because of the great importance of this single dietary ingredient to calf health and growth....

Start the year on the right foot with your cattle record-keeping system

published: January 6th 2023 source: University of Missouri Extension

STOCKTON, Mo. – As the year ends, University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Patrick Davis urges cattle producers to evaluate their record-keeping system to determine if it was successful....

New publication to help livestock producers manage risks

published: November 14th 2022 by: Paul Schattenberg source: Texas AgriLife Today

The Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, AFPC, recently released a new publication to help livestock producers address a variety of risks that may affect their operations....

The cattle cycle

published: October 28th 2022 by: Josh Maples source: Mississippi State University

Much discussion surrounding cattle markets in 2022 has focused on factors impacting current and future supplies. Drought-induced feedlot placements, higher cow and heifer slaughter, and lower auction receipts are all topics discussed in this newsletter over the past few months that have implications for cattle supplies moving forward....

Applying drought lessons 10 years later

published: September 30th 2022 by: Gail Ellis source: Oklahoma State University Extension

The effects of drought are devastating, but agricultural data collected during such challenging times is a valuable teaching tool. Oklahoma State University Extension specialists have some retrospective on the historic drought that swept through the plains a decade ago and are learning how it can benefit producers in today’s similar climate....

Know to tow

published: September 30th 2022 by: Steve Boyles source: Ohio State University Extension

Some trailers are attached to a tow vehicle’s receiver hitch or via a bumper hitch. A gooseneck is different from traditional enclosed trailers both in its namesake shape and because of the gooseneck hitch attachment within the vehicle’s bed....

Comparing beef cow slaughter to 2011

published: September 16th 2022 by: David Anderson source: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

A lot has been written about beef cow culling this year due to widespread drought in the Western half of the country and high costs relative to calf prices.  Most of that has focused nationally.  This article focuses on cow slaughter in the Southern Plains....

RGVBIA accepting entries for gain test and heifer development

published: September 16th 2022 source: RGVBIA

The Rio Grande Valley Beef Improvement Association (RGVBIA) is now accepting entries for their 25th annual bull gain test and heifer development program.  Deadline to reserve space for cattle is Oct....

Lighter cattle drive increased feedlot placements during July

published: September 2nd 2022 by: Josh Maples source: Mississippi State University

The Aug. 1st  Cattle on Feed report was released on Aug. 19 and showed feedlot inventories declined seasonally but remained above year-ago levels. Drought continues to play a key role in the movement of cattle into feedlots this summer....

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