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Cattle Production and livestock production articles will include information on production costs and those issues we face that influence our supply and demand.

Beef cattle inventory numbers--never right, sometimes close and always changing

published: March 17th 2017 by: Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee Beef Cattle Extension

The January 1, 2017 Cattle Inventory report was released January 31 and it once again proved three things. 1) I am never right about cattle inventory, few are. 2) I am sometimes close with my projections, but close is a relative term....

Implanting Calves, Increasing Gain

published: February 16th 2017 source: Zoetis

With nearly 70 years in the business, Graham Angus Farm in Georgia is known for its quality Angus genetics. The farm runs a commercial cattle operation and uses every edge to improve production and wean more pounds....

Points of leverage for cattle producers

published: January 16th 2017 by: Aaron Berger source: University of Nebraska Extension

High points of leverage in a cattle production system are places where strategic inputs of time and resources potentially have impacts that are beneficial and significantly greater than the cost. The challenge in managing systems is that the areas of highest leverage may not be the most obvious....

Resolve to make more per cow

published: January 6th 2017 by: Kris Ringwall source: North Dakota State Extension

Every new year brings with it a New Year’s resolution, and this year, mine would be to earn an extra $300 per cow. Think about it. Why not make it happen? I would anticipate trying would be better than simply griping....

Producers play catch-up during winter off-season

published: December 28th 2016 by: Adam Russell source: Texas Agrilife Today

  STARRVILLE – Ryan Roberts, a ranch hand at 7P Ranch near Winona, put his cutting torch flame to the cracked and bent pipe-pocket hinge on a gate leading to separating pens. Ryan Roberts, a ranch hand at the 7P Ranch near Winona, tack welds a tear in a gate hinge that was damaged by a bull....

Cattle breeding systems are at the heart of long-term, cost-conscience, efficient beef production.

published: December 27th 2016 by: Kris Ringwall source: North Dakota State Extension

Pondering in life is good. So let’s ponder this: “Can the beef industry produce terminal and replacement bulls?” Historically, the answer is “yes.” Through the decades, many breeding programs have been proposed to offer cattle producers the opportunity to implement cattle-breeding systems that involve terminal and replacement bulls....

Weaning: low stress, common sense

published: November 23rd 2016 by: Travis Meteer source: University of Illinois

Weaning is arguably the most stressful event in a calf’s life. Combining stressors at weaning can inhibit immune response triggering health problems and shut off gains. Fortunately, cattle producers can understand stressing events and manage against the freeway pile-up that can occur at weaning....

Evaluating cattle size

published: November 14th 2016 by: Kris Ringwall source: Beef Talk, NDSU Extension Service

Larger cattle have a 10 percent advantage when a cattle system is evaluated based on calves as the unit of production, but when based on acres as the unit of production, smaller cattle have a 10 percent advantage....

What did it cost to produce that calf you just weaned?

published: November 3rd 2016 by: Aaron Berger source: University of Nebraska Extension

Weaning of spring-born calves has occurred for many cow calf producers. Right after weaning is a good time to analyze the business and see what it cost to produce a pound of weaned calf. Cow costs and thus the cost to produce a weaned calf have shot up over the last 15 years....

Tips for cattle production in November

published: November 2nd 2016 source: University of Arkansas Extension

Hay feeding often begins in November. To improve efficiency of feed utilization in beef cows, Rumensin is a unique type of additive called an ionophore that is approved for use in beef cows. It is very important to forage test each cutting of hay....

The impact of dressing percent on cull cow marketing

published: October 27th 2016 by: Dr. Glen Selk source: Oklahoma State University Extension

        Cull cows that are destined to be go to the packing house are graded by their fleshiness. The fattest cows are called Breakers. Moderately fleshed cows are Boners....

Cattle feeding chat builds bridges

published: October 20th 2016 by: Miranda Reiman source: Certified Angus Beef

When it’s just not possible to bring 600 people from across the globe to the feedyard, the next best thing is to bring a little of that Herington, Kansas, family operation to them. Cattle feeders Shane and Shawn Tiffany took the stage during educational sessions at last month’s Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand annual conference in Tucson, Ariz....

Beef producers need to be selective when choosing replacement heifers

published: October 19th 2016 by: Blair Fannin source: Texas Agrilife Today

BRYAN – Spiraling cattle prices in recent weeks are not leaving much wiggle room when it comes to marketing calves and replacement females to fit current trends, according to cattle experts. The recent Brazos Valley Beef and Forage Expo held at the Brazos Valley Livestock Commission featured talks that included purchasing replacement heifers, evaluating feeder cattle and marketing the right type of cattle to achieve maximum profits....

When thinking about feed rations, think about weight gain

published: October 14th 2016 by: Marty Anderson PhD source: Zoetis

The ration plays a critical role in cattle performance. Feed is important for getting protein, energy, vitamins and minerals into cattle. Maximizing weight gains and efficiency is normally the goal....

Weaning tips

published: September 22nd 2016 by: Travis Meteer source: University of Illinois Extension

Weaning is arguably the most stressful event in a calf's life. Combining stressors at weaning can inhibit immune response triggering health problems and shut off gains. Fortunately, cattle producers can understand stressing events and manage against the freeway pile-up that can occur at weaning....

Indicator cows

published: August 17th 2016 by: Steve Suther source: Certified Angus Beef

When you have just enough cows to name them all, it’s easy to characterize them by appearance, temperament and some might even say personality. Kids like to find names to fit. Twister was one of ours 20 years ago, an outlier for poor docility that left no daughters in the herd....

Heading off heat stress

published: July 25th 2016 by: Travis Meteer source: University of Illinois Extension

As the temperatures and humidity elevate, it is important to understand and manage to prevent heat stress in your cattle herd. Heat stress can lower performance and in severe cases cause death. Here are some recommendations to keep heat stress at a minimum....

Extreme heat and the Livestock Indemnity Program

published: July 22nd 2016 by: Jay Parsons, Dept of Ag Economics source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

With the extreme conditions we have been experiencing this summer, it is important producers diligently document and report their death losses for possible Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) payments....

Dairy herds expected to have decreasing effect on U.S beef production

published: July 13th 2016 by: Donald Stotts source: Oklahoma State University Extension

  STILLWATER, Okla. – Although beef, as a by-product of the dairy industry, rarely exhibits a major influence on dairy industry production decisions, it is important to note that dairy animals contribute a significant portion of total animal slaughter and beef supply....

More Pounds, More Profit--Implanting calves increases operational performance

published: June 17th 2016 source: Zoetis

  With the cattle market in constant flux, producers are putting an even greater emphasis on implants as a means to increase pounds and dollars at every stage of a calf’s life.   “Implants change the rate at which animals deposit muscle, and it makes them more efficient in dietary protein utilization, transferring protein to muscle,” said Daniel Scruggs, DVM, managing veterinarian for Zoetis....

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