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Cattle Production and livestock production articles will include information on production costs and those issues we face that influence our supply and demand.

Pasture-weaned calves put weight back on faster, study shows

published: April 8th 2022 by: John Lovett source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Recent Agricultural Experiment Station research shows that ranchers may be able to mitigate stress in weaned calves and improve the bottom line.  Results from the first year of this three-year study showed calves regained more weight the first 21 days of weaning in a pasture, either with or without physical contact of their mothers, compared to a “drylot” used for beefing up livestock with feed troughs....

Biosecurity survey to benefit cow-calf production

published: January 13th 2022 by: Alisa Boswell-Gore source: Oklahoma State University Ag Communications Service

A survey to be administered by Oklahoma State University researchers has the potential to improve production within the cow-calf industry. In a joint effort with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, OSU faculty and Extension specialists will distribute a survey to learn about the biosecurity practices of cow-calf producers....

Beef cattle slaughter in the southeast

published: December 1st 2021 by: Josh Maples source: Mississippi State University Department of Ag Economics

Beef cow slaughter has been higher than year-ago levels for most weeks in 2021. Year to date, national beef cow slaughter (chart below) is up 10 percent over the same period of 2020. That 10 percent increase translates to an additional 6,000 head weekly average....

Grass to Grid program helps cow-calf operations access feedlot benefits, data

published: November 15th 2021 by: Ryan McGeeney source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

LITTLE ROCK — The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is offering Arkansas cattle producers — particularly those running smaller cow-calf operations — the opportunity to gain insight into herd genetics through participation in large finishing operations....

September Cattle On Feed report summary

published: October 1st 2021 by: Kenny Burdine source: University of Kentucky Extension

The September Cattle on Feed report was released on Friday afternoon, September 24th. Monthly Cattle on Feed reports provide an estimate of cattle inventory in feedlots with one-time capacity over 1,000 head....

Disaster assistance information provided

published: September 23rd 2021 source: Alabama Extension

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Natural disasters can devastate farm families’ livelihood, wreaking havoc on farm infrastructure, destroying crops and killing livestock. An economist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said the most significant threats come from hurricanes and their aftereffects....

Farm finance and budgeting resources available

published: July 8th 2021 by: Brian Brus source: Oklahoma State University Ag Communications Service

The economic turmoil in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has left a lot of small agricultural business operators asking difficult questions about managing their finances. “Farm business margins have always been tight, and now there are a lot of things in flux, even more than usual,” said Courtney Bir, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Oklahoma State University Extension specialist....

Implants equate to efficiency in stocker cattle

published: June 22nd 2021 by: Connor Biehler, Nebraska Extension Educa source: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

This spring as the grass continues to green up yearling cattle will find their way to the pastures of the great plains for summer grazing. Cattle are stocked on grass pasture this time of year due to its additional nutritive quality that equates to gains, relative to dormant pastures, prior to entering the feedlot....

Winter Storm Uri’s impact on livestock agriculture in Texas

published: March 15th 2021 by: David P. Anderson source: Texas AgriLife Today

Economic impacts of winter storm Uri are still being pulled together.  It appears that cattle death losses in feedyards and dairies were light.  It helped that the storm front did not drop a lot of moisture ahead of the cold....

BCS Fact Sheet available online

published: January 11th 2021 source: Iowa State University Extension

AMES, Iowa – Body condition scoring is an easy trait to record and is strongly correlated to cow productivity. But don’t overlook the value of body condition scoring your cattle multiple times throughout the year....

Weaning weight adjustment tool helps producers determine cow herd productivity

published: November 10th 2020 source: Iowa State University Extension

AMES, Iowa — As beef cattle producers turn their attention to weaning, the Iowa Beef Center encourages producers to consider using its 205-day weight calculator. This free spreadsheet tool assists beef producers in calculating standardized 205-day weaning weights....

Value of stocker cattle

published: October 29th 2020 by: Brenda Boetel source: University of Wisconsin

Calf movements will continue to increase over the next few weeks as the fall run picks up pace. Given the decline in the beef cow herd, the 2020 fall run will see lower feeder and calf supply compared to 2019....

Cattle on Feed Breakdown

published: October 13th 2020 by: Matthew Diersen, Risk & Business Man source: South Dakota State University

Ahead of major reports, we like to suggest our students study pre-release or trade estimates to get an idea of what to expect. Then, they can observe any change in prices as the markets react to new information from the reports....

Weaning – Improving outcomes through decreasing stress

published: September 16th 2020 by: Kaite VanValin, assistant Extension prof source: University of Kentucky Extension

The classic definition of stress according to Hans Selye is, “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. Dr. Selye was an endocrinologist by training and is largely regarded as the grandfather of the study of stress....

Custom cattle feeding; a retained ownership

published: August 13th 2020 by: Stephen Boyles source: The Ohio Beef Leader

Custom feeding is paying someone else to feed your calves because you, the cattle owner, do not have the facilities, time, or expertise to feed cattle. Custom feeding allows the feedlot operator to use feed, facilities, and labor without large investments in cattle....

The many shades of lameness

published: June 17th 2020 by: Russ Daly/Heidi Carroll source: Igrow

Breadcrumb To anyone who has raised animals, it’s apparent that not every lame animal is created equal. There is a wide gradation of clinical signs, with some animals exhibiting obvious “dead” lameness, while other cases of lameness almost escape detection....

How important Is water quality to livestock?

published: June 15th 2020 source: Igrow

Water is the most important nutrient to all livestock animals and is sometimes overlooked. Poor quality water can have a negative effect on growth, reproduction, and general productivity of the animal....

Evaluating annual cow cost

published: March 16th 2020 by: Julie Walker source: Igrow

When evaluating annual cow cost, feed rises to the top of the list. Feed cost is an important area to consider; however, have you evaluated the cost of incorporating replacement heifers into the cowherd? Cost of developing a pregnant replacement heifer will vary by operation....

Prepare horses for spring: Vaccinate for West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus

published: February 19th 2020 by: Mallory Pfeifer source: Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Labratory

With spring around the corner, Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory wants to prepare your horses for West Nile virus and Equine Encephalitis virus. This AgriLife agency reports on annual trends in positive disease cases and discusses the best way to prepare horses with vaccinations and your veterinarian’s help....

The art and science of developing heifers

published: January 15th 2020 by: Les Anderson Ph.D., Beef Extension Spec source: The Ohio Beef Leader

The older I get the more I realize that heifer development is as much art as science. The art is understanding what type of female best fits your operation and your marketing scheme. What size cow best fits your management system? Which cows will produce the best replacements? The science is understanding the principles enabling the “right” heifers to succeed....

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