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Learn more about beef cattle production by reading about the experiences of others in your field. They share tips on animal health, herd management, reproduction, performance, marketing and much more.

She doesn’t preach to the choir

published: July 14th 2018 by: Merridee Wells source: Southern Livestock Special Edition

  To say that Courtenay DeHoff has a hidden agenda isn’t necessarily true, as she’ll be the first to share that her ranch background is a very important aspect of her past and continues to mold her future; her different background is what sets this Kansas-born cowgirl, turned TV anchorwoman apart....

They employ cows

published: July 13th 2018 by: Martha Hollida Garrett source: Southern Livestock Special Edition

Tommy Brandenberger is passionate about the beef industry and even more passionate in his belief that it needs to be profitable. He’s had a lifetime of lessons in what works and what doesn’t work in the cow/calf segment....


published: July 13th 2017 by: Martha Hollida Garrett source: Southern Livestock Special Edition

Productive, successful and sustainable By Martha Hollida Garrett J&B Farms is in the business of feeding people. Headquartered in Hondo, Texas the 10,000 plus acre farm is home to a growing beef operation, year round vegetable growing division, and commodity crop operation where they produce corn, wheat, milo and cotton....

Simbrahs working in Kansas

published: August 21st 2015 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

Cattle have been a  part of the Stenstrom family history for several generations. This central Kansas family operation has seen their cattle herd follow along the lines of the industry over the decades from an Angus based herd, to incorporation of Hereford genetics to Black Baldys and then when the continental breeds arrived, they added Simmental genetics....

On the job training leads to a successful seedstock operation

published: August 15th 2015 by: Lesli Groves

 Jim Corporron is marking 20 years in purebred Santa Gertrudis; devotes half the herd to cross-breeding program Corporron Acres of Schulenburg, Texas, is celebrating their 20th anniversary of registering purebred Santa Gertrudis cattle....

Rich history, strong future at Tom Brothers Ranch

published: August 22nd 2014 by: Merridee Wells

There’s a TV commercial currently running featuring the distinctive, deep voice of Sam Elliot talking about some of Texas’ “firsts”….the first U.S. battleship aptly named The Texas; the nation’s first domed stadium was located in the Lone Star State ; and the first word spoken on the moon was “Houston”…....

Breeding for success

published: August 15th 2014 by: Merridee Wells

Success is measured in a variety of ways. In purebred cattle circles, satisfied customers, high sales averages, show ring wins, and recognition by fellow breeders are all measures of success. This said, Doguet’s  Diamond D Ranch, Beaumont, Texas,  can mark themselves and their Brangus operation successful....

Johnson Cattle Company

published: January 10th 2014 source: Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association

Although relatively new to the purebred cattle business, Johnson Cattle Company is building a very high quality Simbrah program in South Texas. The operation, owned by brothers Wayne and Kenny Johnson, along with their wives, Belva and Twila began their Simbrah operation four years ago....

TSSA Member Profile...

published: November 1st 2013 source: Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association

Langford’s Simmentals Langford’s Simmentals have been breeding registered Simmental cattle since 1998 and owners, Lou and Linda Langford were involved in the commercial cattle segment for many years before then....

F.E. Hill Ranch Company Relies On Data

published: January 12th 2013 by: Martha Hollida Garrett source: Southern Livestock Standard

Producing a quality product is the goal at F.E. Hill Ranch Company, Fairfield, Texas. They rely heavily on evaluating their product through weights and measurements and making decisions based on those numbers....

La Campanita Ranch finds a lot to like about Simbrah

published: August 24th 2012 by: Merridee Wells

Pat Rogers, Jr. of La Campanita Ranch is the type of cattleman that every breed needs…an enthusiastic supporter, be-cause he can’t say enough “good” about the Simbrah breed and its people....

Oman Family Has Three Generation History With The State Fair Of Texas

published: September 16th 2011 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

John Bill Oman first attended the State Fair of Texas (SFT) at the age of “12 or 13 years old” with his parents, but little did he realize the impact this institution would have on him, his daughters and now his grandchildren....

Migl Feed & Grain Specializes In Customer Service

published: September 15th 2011 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

The year was 1968.  The average cost to build a home was $14,900; gas was 34 cents a gallon; minimum wage was $1.60/hour and the first Apollo mission was launched. While these events had national significance, a business venture in Lavaca County, Texas, was just beginning and would certainly impact and benefit area farmers and ranchers....

Hot and Healthy

published: August 19th 2011 by: Sharla Ishmael

  After 30 years of meticulous genetic planning and rigorous testing to produce high-quality, tender, heart-healthy beef in the  most efficient manner possible, Bill and Jane Travis of Pine  Ridge Ranch have succeeded in building a herd that is custom-made for both hot pastures and plates....

Black and Beautiful … at Shallow Water Ranch

published: August 19th 2011 by: Sharla Ishmael

Bobby and Jeanne Thornhill sell only front-pasture quality cattle – and you can bet they’ll be black, blaze-faced and good looking Some folks in the cattle business will sell you anything; some will only sell an animal if it’s good enough to put their brand on it for the world to see....

Rasing replacement cows, Hodde style

published: December 10th 2010 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

Leroy and son, Bradley Hodde raise replacement females, and they raise good ones. The Hodde name is associated with quality female consignments at high end commercial replacement heifer sales in Texas and cattlemen across Texas, and Louisiana are now utilizing their genetics....

Simbrah works for this Gulf Coast outfit

published: August 10th 2010 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

Ives Cattle Company made a neighborly bull purchase over 20 years ago, and since then Simbrah bulls have influenced this Texas Gulf Coast cow/calf program.     “I was probably about 10-years-old, when dad bought those first Simbrah bulls....

Ranching in Cooke County

published: June 23rd 2010 by: Pamela Robinson source: Gainesville Register

Cattle ranching remains a thriving industry in Texas and Cooke County is no exception. The fields, pastures and barns in this area continue to hold, feed and raise herds that eventually work their way to market and the consumer....

She Is An Aggie Tradition

published: May 29th 2010 by: Kylene Helduser source: Texas A&M

Texas A&M University’s Jack K. Williams Administration building is one of the most identifiable landmarks on campus—the expansive lawn and driveway, the massive front façade and the iconic columns all evoke the power and prestige of the University....

Former Texas Junior Simmental Simbrah Association Standout Still Involved with Simbrah Cattle

published: March 1st 2010 source: Simbrah World

Erin Frazier’s TJSSA show experience evolved into Thunder Cattle Company in Chapman Ranch, Texas. Here, she talks about why she chose Simbrah, the opportunities she’s earned because of her ag experience, and advice for others....

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