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Considerations for soil health in pastures

published: August 3rd 2022
source: Feedlot
Soil health is one of the hot topics in agriculture. I continue to receive an increasing number of questions and get involved in more conversations involving “soil health” and “regenerative agriculture”. Many universities and farmers are trying to define healthy soils and find ways to improve the health of the soil. We know that keeping soils covered with a growing crop reduces soil loss and improves water infiltration. We also know there may be a number of other benefits to soils by having livestock grazing over them. 
For more information visit https://www.feedlotmagazine.com/news/cow_calf_corner/drought-pressing-u-s-cattle-inventory-numbers-to-lowest-levels-since-2015/article_779e49ee-0ea0-11ed-9b00-9b810c1d8c8d.html

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