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When it comes to ranching, our pastures, forages and rangeland are our life’s blood. Search these archives for information pertaining to weed control, brush control and maintaining the proper balance of nutrients in our soils. Read about the qualities of different varieties of grasses like Bermuda, Bahia and Fescue—and so much more.

AgriLife Extension expert talks Bermuda grass 101

published: May 29th 2018 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

  OVERTON – Not all Bermuda grasses are created equal, but varieties are often confused as their own separate species, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

Texas A&M, USDA research aimed at nitrite poisoning leads to methane mitigation

published: May 23rd 2018 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

  COLLEGE STATION – Two government researchers and a college graduate student aiming at one issue in the cattle industry are finding they can address two issues – nitrite poisoning and methane emissions – with an animal probiotic they are developing....

Analzying forage production

published: March 26th 2018 by: Dr. Gary Bates source: University of Tennessee Extension

Spring is here, and pastures across our state will begin to grow quickly over the next few weeks.  A lot of producers have gone to meetings, read articles, and looked online for practices to make their pastures more productive and require less effort....

Add nitrogen to pastures with clovers

published: January 5th 2018 by: Dr. Gary Bates source: University of Tennessee Extension

One of the most important practices that any forage producer can incorporate into their program is adding legumes to grass pastures and hayfields.  Even though there are several benefits to planting clovers, the main one most people think of is the nitrogen that is added by the legume....

Remove Net Wrap and Twine

published: December 4th 2017 by: Bruce Anderson source: Nebraska Extension

Is twine or net wrap good feed? Obviously not, but it can cause health problems if animals eat too much of it. Feeding hay is work. To lighten the work load feeding hay, we often take short cuts and leave some twine or net wrap on the bales....

Farmers “Keep the Stubble” during No-Till November

published: November 10th 2017 source: NRCS

TEMPLE, Texas, (Nov. 9, 2017) --The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and its partners encourage farmers to “keep the stubble” on their harvested cropland fields and improve soil health during a special month long “No-Till November” campaign....

Conditions prime for leaf spot in Bermuda grass

published: October 6th 2017

OVERTON – Humid conditions and excess forage in East Texas have created a prime environment for leaf spot in Bermuda grass hay fields, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

RNA discovery could help boost plant drought, salt tolerance

published: October 6th 2017

DALLAS — Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists have discovered a ribonucleic acid, or RNA, that can increase the thale cress plant’s resistance to stress from drought and salt. The discovery could help illuminate a new pathway to engineering drought- and salt-tolerant plants, including food crops, said Dr....

Winter forages can reduce costs and boost cow/calf weight gains, experts say

published: September 22nd 2017

OVERTON – Planting successful winter forage pastures can reduce supplemental feed costs and boost cow/calf weight gains, said Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts. Dr. Vanessa Corriher-Olson, AgriLife Extension forage specialist, and Dr....

Avoid mistakes to maximize fall food plots for white-tailed deer

published: August 21st 2017 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

  OVERTON – Avoiding common mistakes when planning and planting a food plot for deer and other wildlife can mean the difference between failure and success, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

Online tool could help predict forage, other conditions for cattle producers

published: August 14th 2017 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

A crystal ball to see into the future may be every agricultural producers’ dream, and two Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists are integrating a tool to give cattle producers a 90-day glimpse....

Texas A&M AgriLife releases High Plains wheat ‘Top Picks’ list

published: August 11th 2017 by: Kay Ledbetter

AMARILLO – Each year, experts with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Texas A&M AgriLife Research jointly provide wheat producers across the High Plains their “Top Picks” list for varieties with the highest potential before planting time....

Protein Supplementation and Forage Intake

published: August 4th 2017 by: Jay Jenkins source: Nebraska Extension

  Let’s take a quick review of ruminant physiology.  Based on how many times I’ve heard someone say they are feeding supplement to “stretch the grass,” I think there are some misconceptions about what is happening when you supplement protein....

Grass and hay production simply stated

published: June 29th 2017 by: By Daren Redfearn, Nebraska Extension Fo

Even though winter feeding has the greatest costs associated with keeping livestock, some hay feeding is inevitable even for the most cost-efficient livestock producers. Several hay management options are available that can reduce the associated costs of extended hay feeding during the winter....

Making pasture improvements can increase digestibility, enhance gains

published: June 12th 2017 source: Biozyme

It’s time to start thinking about turning your cattle out to summer grass. Regardless if you own or rent your pasture, it is important to make sure you are getting the most efficient use of your resources....

Hay storage options, forage management discussed at O.D. Butler Forage Field Day

published: June 8th 2017 by: Blair Fannin source: Texas Agrilife Today

FRANKLIN – Producing hay requires both time and expense, but it can lead to unwanted waste if bales are left sitting in the field, according to experts. To preserve nutritive value and money, there are options that can be implemented to manage unwanted waste, said Dr....

It’s time to calibrate

published: April 21st 2017 by: Caitlin Richards

Frequent showers and greening pastures mean one thing – spring is here. For many producers and landowners the spring season is also spraying season. Most producers are pulling out their spraying rigs, if they haven’t already, to start the spring task of spraying....

Writing a Pasture Lease Contract

published: April 19th 2017 by: Meg Grzeskiewicz source: On Pasture

  No matter how well you know your landowner, never begin a farm lease without a signature on paper! Even if everything seems to be going great now, so many unforeseen issues can arise over the multiple years you’ll be bound by the contract....

Economics of Fertilizing Bermudagrass for Cow-Calf Production

published: April 7th 2017 by: Myriah Johnson and Eddie Funderburg source: Noble Foundation

Fertilizer prices have fallen in recent months. Unfortunately, so have cattle prices. Does it pay to fertilize bermudagrass pastures to increase carrying capacity in times like these? To answer this question, first you must determine how much carrying capacity is increased by fertilizing a pasture....

USDA Authorizes Emergency Grazing in Response to President Trump’s Directive

published: April 5th 2017 source: USDA

  WASHINGTON, April 4, 2017 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), acting in response to a directive from President Donald J. Trump, today authorized emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands located in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas – the three states which were most heavily impacted by ongoing wildfires which began on March 6, 2017....

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