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Three New Hardware Systems Approved for Capturing Carcass Ultrasound Traits for CUP Lab®, LLC

published: June 14th 2018
source: CUP Labs

CUP Lab®, LLC is pleased to announce it has recently been granted approval for five new intramuscular fat models, for three new hardware systems, to be used in the carcass ultrasound industry. Additionally, CUP Lab has certified two new models for intramuscular fat with a new image capture device for existing hardware in the marketplace.

The new hardware available for use in carcass ultrasound is the ECM, Echo Control Medical, ExaGo console and the E.I. Medical Imaging Ibex® EVO® and the Ibex® consoles. All three machines offer a variety of transducers and accessories and can easily be a whole herd solution for ultrasound needs.

CUP Lab’s latest IMF models correlate at .75-.85 to ether extract samples, collected from carcass, furnishing the most descriptive and accurate intramuscular fat software available to the beef industry. Enabling each beef producer with the most precise phenotypes, generating a robust genomic narrative for selection purposes. CUP Lab®, LLC strives to be the leading innovative partner to progressive beef breeders, utilizing ultrasound data to make herd selections for carcass traits.

Founded in 2001, CUP Lab®, LLC is the nation’s leader in carcass ultrasound trait interpretations.






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