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Economics of Selliing Bull Calves

published: September 17th 2009
source: Callicrate Bander

Many studies have shown that bull calves weigh at least 15% more at weaning than early castrated steer calves.  Cow/calf producers that castrate their bull calves at an early age miss out on this improved gain from the bull’s natural testosterone. 

Smart cattlemen have learned to skip castrating and sell their weaned calves as bulls.  The Callicrate Bander is then used to humanely castrate the bull calves by the stocker/operator or feedlot crew.  This high tension, low stress method is easier on both the animal and the operator as opposed to knife or rubber ring castration; or other methods that are unable to achieve the high tension possible with the Callicrate Bander.

 Although a weaned bull calf may bring $5 - $10 per hundred weight less than a steer, the bull calves (with 15% extra weight) will still return more money per head for the cow/calf producer.  Additionally, you save the cost of implanting and the calves can be marketed as ‘hormone/steroid free’.

Consumers are increasingly demanding beef produced without hormones and steroids, because of health related concerns and the reduced quality of meat from implanted cattle.


1.    Early castrated Steer Calf
Weight: 500 lbs.
    Selling price:  $1.20 per pound = $600 per head

2.    Bull Calf at $5.00 per hundred less and 15% heavier
    Weight:  575 lbs
    Selling Price: $1.15 per lb = $661.25 or extra return of $61.25 per head

3.    Bull Calf at $10.00 per hundred less and 15% heavier
    Weight:  575 lbs
    Selling Price: $1.10 per lb = $632.50 or extra return of $32.50 per head

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