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Datamars Livestock prioritizes safety and flexibility with innovative VS Injector

published: September 22nd 2021
source: DataMars

Accuracy, efficacy, and safety are critical in any operation’s animal health protocol. The Simcro VS Injector is a premium syringe that can help you ensure all three. The fixed dose makes it easy to determine whether the full amount has been given. The attachable ink stamps mark the location of the injection, signifying which products have been administered and encouraging proper placement. Finally, the lockable needle guard reduces needle breakage during injection and prevents accidental needle sticks, assuring food and operator safety.

Designed for swine and beef producers, the modular design gives you ultimate flexibility. The system is easy to use and versatile to meet an array of needs. The injector has both tube-fed and bottle mount options to work with the product you are administering. The dose chambers are available in multiple sizes and the handle is reusable.

The ergonomic handle is designed for operator comfort. The balanced injector comes equipped with a two-stage trigger technique to reduce trigger finger and provide a relaxed, comfortable grip for sustained use.

Simcro partners with the animal health industry globally to provide veterinarians and producers with solutions for safer and more effective administration of animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals – meeting needs for animal welfare, operator safety, and maximization of animal health and wellbeing. Simcro products have a well-earned reputation for innovation, accuracy and reliability and are used by all of the world’s leading animal health companies. As a part of the Datamars Livestock family, these solutions have the potential to be integrated with our wider livestock management platform to enable further data for our customers.

About Datamars Livestock

A business division of Datamars, Datamars Livestock is a global leader in animal identification products, farm infrastructure products, animal performance and monitoring, and animal health delivery products. Datamars Livestock includes globally recognized brands Z Tags, Temple Tag, Tru-Test, Speedrite, Patriot, NJ Phillips and Simcro.

This combination enables animal health, precision livestock management, and improved protein production. All of this is underpinned by a cloud software solution called Datamars Livestock, which connects producers with information about their livestock, bolstering their intuition and enabling them to make precise, informed decisions. For more information, please visit livestock.datamars.com.

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