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Mobile Cattle Tracker App Offers Data Collection System

published: December 18th 2013
source: University of Nebraska Extension

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A new app from EdMedia at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln allows the cow/calf producer to enter events electronically as they happen.

Cow/calf records need to be collected at specific times during the year, such as at weaning, pregnancy checks and at calving. However, they can be difficult to keep up with, said Richard Randle, a beef cow/calf production management veterinarian in the university's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

"Records are a useful part of making any management decisions," Randle said. "So, we developed the Mobile Cattle Tracker app so data could be electronically entered as events happen."

Production data like birth records, health records, weights and measurements and management activities need to be entered real time, so that they can be available for review when animals are gathered and worked, Randle said. Mobile Cattle Tracker allows producers to collect and access cattle records when they are needed.

The app isn't a record keeping program, but a way to collect data, Randle said.

After data is collected it then can be emailed as an Excel file attachment. The app allows producers to keep records from year to year and can be started at any time during the production year.

The app is available in the Apple store and will soon be available in the Google Play store. It is available for iOS and Android devices. A demo version also will be available soon.

For more information or to download the app, visit

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