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Zoetis Introduces Veterinary Feed Directive Mobile Application

published: March 2nd 2017 source: Zoetis

  PARSIPPANY, N.J.,  To benefit veterinarians and their busy schedules amid the implementation of the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulation, Zoetis has introduced a mobile application for use on smartphones, helping simplify the process of writing a VFD for AUREOMYCIN® (chlortetracycline) or AUREO S 700® (chlortetracycline/sulfamethazine) for their cattle clients....

Next generation of cattle bander announced

published: August 22nd 2016 source: Callicrate

No-Bull Enterprises is proud to introduce the next generation Callicrate Bander – the Callicrate PRO Bander™.   It is the most advanced tool of its kind, thanks in part to the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing....

Genex Introduces RumiLife Electrolyte M Supplement for Mature Cattle

published: May 4th 2016 source: Genex

  SHAWANO, Wis.— Genex Cooperative, Inc. is now marketing RumiLife™ Electrolyte M™ nutritional supplement, a ready-to-use oral electrolyte specifically formulated for mature dairy and beef cattle....

Noble Foundation releases mobile recordkeeping app

published: September 29th 2014 source: Noble Foundation

ARDMORE, Okla. — With continuous technology advancements, production agriculture is more efficient and mobile than ever before. As part of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation's focus on advancing agriculture, the organization has released a mobile recordkeeping app as part of its Junior Beef Excellence Program....

Taking Agriculture To A Higher Level Of Precision

published: February 28th 2014 by: Robert Burns source: Texas AgriLife

COLLEGE STATION – Imagine, if you will, a tractor pulling a fertilizer wagon travelling at 8 to 9 mph along a field of thousands of sorghum test plants. As the tractor moves through the field plots, an onboard computer linked to sensors measures everything from plant height and development to nitrogen needs....

Mobile Cattle Tracker App Offers Data Collection System

published: December 18th 2013 source: University of Nebraska Extension

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A new app from EdMedia at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln allows the cow/calf producer to enter events electronically as they happen. Cow/calf records need to be collected at specific times during the year, such as at weaning, pregnancy checks and at calving....

Apps To Help You Maintain Your Ponds

published: December 4th 2013 by: Steve Byrns source: Texas AgriLife

COLLEGE STATION – The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service now has six new iPhone apps available for pond aficionados, said agency experts. Dr. Todd Sink, AgriLife Extension fisheries specialist at College Station, provided the leadership to develop the new tools geared toward pond owners and managers....

Muck Boots Designed For Farmers And Ranchers

published: June 19th 2012 source: Muck Boots

Smithfield, Rhode Island (June 18, 2012) THE ORIGINAL MUCK BOOT COMPANYTM offers a durable all-weather boot designed to weather the wear-and-tear associated with farming and ranching. The Chore is designed to provide all-day comfort throughout the rugged terrain and extreme conditions that can be associated with farming and ranching....

Humane Bander Introduced

published: January 2nd 2012 source: Callicrate Banders

The U.S. company known for inventing the premiere high-tension banding castration tool on the market is now introducing a lighter, sleeker version designed to bring the same humane, user-friendly technique to newborn calves, sheep and goats....

Economics of Selliing Bull Calves

published: September 17th 2009 source: Callicrate Bander

Many studies have shown that bull calves weigh at least 15% more at weaning than early castrated steer calves.  Cow/calf producers that castrate their bull calves at an early age miss out on this improved gain from the bull’s natural testosterone....

Dinner Just Got Easier For Beef Eaters

published: August 16th 2009 by: Melissa Slagle source: Beef Checkoff

The beef checkoff recognizes that today’s shoppers are avid mobile phone users and rarely leave home without taking their phone. That’s why the checkoff created Beef For Dinner, a free, mobile, streamlined version of the site consumers already know and love, BeefItsWhatsForDinner....

New Welding Wire Introduced

published: June 10th 2009 source: Hobart Brothers

For welding applications that demand excellent weld penetration, high productivity rates and good low temperature impact strength, Hobart Brothers introduces its FabCO® Hornet gas-shielded flux-cored welding wire    Designed as a general fabrication welding wire for mild or low alloy steels, the FabCO Hornet wire can be used in all positions with either 100 percent CO2 or a 75% Ar/25% CO2 shielding gas mixture....

New Cuts For Grilling Season

published: May 2nd 2009 source: Catle Business Weekly

With the grilling season beginning it is time to visit your local grocer or harvest a steer to stock up on great cuts of beef. Earlier this decade muscle-profiling research by scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Florida led to development of new beef products including the flat iron steak, now widely available in grocery stores and restaurants....

Pfizer Advances Technology Of Testing For Curly Calf

published: January 29th 2009 source: Pfizer Animal Health

Pfizer Animal Genetics has made new advancements in Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) diagnostics to improve its testing capacity. Investments in equipment and an improved testing methodology enable Pfizer to run larger numbers of samples more efficiently....

New Colostrum Product

published: December 10th 2008 source: AgriLabs

St. Joseph, Mo., December 10, 2008 – AgriLabs introduces Colostrx® 130 Colostrum Replacer, a complete replacement option for maternal colostrum. Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer contains a full 130 grams of globulin protein protection in every dose, the most of any other available colostrum replacer....

DRAXXIN(r) and EXCEDE(r) Receive FDA Approval to Treat Foot Rot

published: November 4th 2008 source: Pfizer Animal Health

NEW YORK (Nov. 4, 2008) - Cattle producers can now treat foot rot with the most convenient, single-dose anti-infectives on the market-DRAXXIN(r) (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution and EXCEDE(r) (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) Sterile Suspension....

Kenny’s Shoes, Book About Ken Monfort On Sale

published: October 20th 2008

It's appropriate. The new book is called "Kenny's Shoes." Author Walt Barnhart calls his book "A walk through the storied life of the remarkable Kenneth W. Monfort," and it's a fascinating read....

VetLife Offers New Implant Gun

published: October 14th 2008 source: VetLife

(West Des Moines, Iowa)  Tina Greiman, VetLife Product Manager, gives a big "thumbs up" to the implanting crews that participated in the introduction of the new Component® 200T and Component EZTM guns....

New Biosurfactant On Market

published: October 8th 2008 source: Kemin Industries

DES MOINES, Iowa---- Kemin Industries, Inc. announces the introduction of LYSOFORTE™ brand Biosurfactant into the United States market. LYSOFORTE, the only product of its kind worldwide for animal agriculture, enhances the absorption of fatty acids as well as other nutrients....

Bovi-Shield GOLD Approved For Single Dose BRSV Vaccination

published: September 24th 2008 source: Pfizer Animal Health

NEW YORK  - Up to 76 percent of U.S. beef and dairy herds have bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) present, which producers can now help prevent with a single dose of the industry's most researched and best-selling viral vaccine - Bovi-Shield GOLD(r)....

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