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AHA implements new HerfNet marketing system

published: September 22nd 2000

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Buyers and sellers of Hereford-influenced feeder cattle now have the opportunity to use the new HerfNet marketing system that has been implemented by the American Hereford Association (AHA). is a FREE resource that enables producers to advertise the availability of his or her calf crop to Certified Hereford Beef@ (CHB) feedyards, order buyers, stocker. operators and commercial feeders.

Since the launching of the new marketing program on Aug. 15, there have been 10,000 head of feeder cattle on the internet listing and feedlot fax and has had 1,525 visitors. The cattle have sold on the auction market, via video auctions and through ranch direct sales.

One, advantage of using HerfNet is that it enables producers to group small groups of calves into load lots. This has already paid dividends for two Kansas breeders, Lee Butler, Virgil, Kan., and Bill Laubar, Yates Center, Kan. After listing cattle on HerfNet, a Nebraska feedlot contacted the representative for the two groups and a few phone calls later the 68 head had been grouped together into one load and were sold off of HerfNet. The contract was locked in three weeks prior to weaning and the cattle sold to a Central Nebraska feedlot and are eligible for the CHB program. The producers received an 802 lb. pay weight on the 8- 10 month old preconditioned fall calves.

There are various options for listing cattle, free of charge on HerfNet. The most popular option is by using the toll free number, 1-866-HerfNet (437-3638) connecting buyers and sellers directly with an operator who will take the information via the phone. Other ways to list cattle include electronically filling out the cattle tracker forms on-line at www. or downloading the forms off the computer and faxing information to (816) 842-6931. The cattle will be listed 24-48 hours after the contact has been made and feeder faxes are being sent two times per week.

“We want feeders to know where, when and how they can buy Hereford  cattle,” Jim Williams,. AHA director of feedlot operations, said. “By having HerfNet there is now a way for producers to find out what other marketing opportunities exist in their area.” For example we might find that there’s an undiscovered opportunity to pool calves from a certain region or that a local stocker operator can buy the calves he wants right from his backyard.”

It is important to know that while the listing serves as an information clearinghouse, AHA isn’t entering the competitive on-line auction business. Rather the association is providing the free service of compiling seller information so Hereford feeder cattle buyers can easily and readily access a database of available calves and yearlings.

In addition to listing feeder cattle on the Web site there is also a commercial female listing that can be used as a marketing tool for groups of bred or open Hereford females. The process is the same for listing females, the form just requires different information. There is also a special Hereford-influenced feeder calf sale listing so buyers know where to go for cattle, and once again sellers have the opportunity to combine small lots into loads. There are also plans to expand the HerfNet Web site to include on-line sale catalogs, semen catalogs and seedstock advertising. Internet users will also have 24 hour-internet access to the AHA database and more than 3 million pedigrees and records.

To find out more information about HerfNet and to learn how to take advantage of the new marketing opportunities contact 1-866-HerfNet or visit


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