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Cattle ranches survive on successful marketing. Read about the important issues that influence our markets and cattle prices.

January 1 Cattle on Feed declined from 2022

published: February 2nd 2023 by: Josh Maples source: Southern Livestock Standard

Feedlot inventories were below year-ago levels for the fourth consecutive month according to the latest USDA Cattle on Feed report.  There were an estimated 11.68 million head of cattle on feed as of January 1st, which is 3 percent lower than Jan....

Strong counter-seasonal market

published: February 1st 2023 by: Stephen R. Koontz source: Southern Livestock Standard

The last several weeks of 2022 and the first week in 2023 have seen two substantial storms – delaying holiday travel – but also putting substantial moisture in the mountain west, some in the southern plains, and more in the northern plains and upper Midwest....

Cattle prices surge as supply falls, demand holds steady

published: January 30th 2023 by: Ryan McGeeney source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

 If you ask James Mitchell about the bright side of the 2022 drought, he’ll tell you this: Better now than then. "I'd much rather be having the conversation about current prices than about what they were one or two years ago,” Mitchell said on Jan....

Final rule for the AMS Cattle Contracts Library

published: January 9th 2023 by: Brenda Boetel source: University of Wisconsin-River Falls

      The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published the final rule needed to create a Cattle Contracts Library. The final rule requires packers that slaughtered an average of not less than five percent of the number of fed cattle slaughtered nationally during the immediately preceding five calendar years to submit contractual information for the purchase of cattle....

Blach expects prices to go up in 2023

published: January 6th 2023 source: Kansas Livestock Association

With a shrinking U.S. cattle supply and more shackle space available, cow-calf producers and feeders are starting to see leverage shift in their favor, CattleFax Chief Executive Officer Randy Blach told those attending Beef Industry University, which was sponsored by the Farm Credit Associations of Kansas in late 2022....

Report shows ending U.S. beef trade could be catastrophic for industry

published: November 4th 2022 source: Kansas State University

A recent report revealed economic disaster would be the end result if all U.S. beef trade was eliminated. The report was authored by agricultural economists Glynn Tonsor of Kansas State University and Derrell Peel from Oklahoma State University....

Texas cattle producers plan for, look toward post-drought market

published: October 29th 2022 source: Texas AgriLife Today

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August beef exports again top $1 billion

published: October 14th 2022 source: USMEF

Beef exports were slightly above last August’s large volume and again topped $1 billion in value, reaching this milestone in seven out of eight months this year, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U....

Drought continues to drive feedlot placements higher in August

published: October 14th 2022 by: James Mitchell, livestock marketing spec source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

The Sept. 1st Cattle on Feed report was recently released and showed feedlot inventories totaling 11.3 million head. Importantly, the report notes this was the second largest September feedlot inventory since the report began in 1996....

Review of feeder markets

published: September 30th 2022 by: Stephen R. Koontz source: Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University

The fall run of calves is underway for the Great Plains and mountain states.  Price reporting for feeder cattle and calves are rather thin – especially in Colorado – though the summers and the past three weeks have revealed more substantial numbers of transactions....

Heifer and cow slaughter

published: September 30th 2022 by: Josh Maples source: Mississippi State University

Increased cull cow slaughter and number of heifers in the feedlot mix have been key factors to watch in 2022. Each have implications for beef production and cattle supplies both this year and moving forward....

Why do we export beef?

published: September 21st 2022 by: James Mitchell, livestock marketing spec source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

Let’s talk exports. Specifically, what beef do we export? And, why do we export it?             The Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) forecasts 2022 commercial cattle slaughter at 33....

Researchers at UTIA analyze price ranges from fed cattle negotiated cash sales

published: September 16th 2022 source: University of Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — In the wake of unprecedented market shocks in the fed cattle industry, researchers at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) teamed up with Mississippi State University and Texas A&M University to analyze the factors affecting price ranges in negotiated cash sales....

Tensions surrounding U.S. beef exports to China

published: September 16th 2022 by: Elliott Dennis, University of Nebraska-L source: Southern Livestock Standard

Over the last several weeks there have been ongoing heightened tensions between the US and China over the Taiwan situation. This has caused some concern among producers about the sensitivity of the U.S....

Analyzing last week’s markets

published: August 24th 2022 by: Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee

  August242022 FED CATTLE: Fed cattle traded $2 to $3 higher compared to last week on a live basis. Prices on a live basis were mainly $142 to $143 in the South and $148 to $150 in the North while dressed prices were mainly $234....

Is this a fall pricing opportunity for feeders?

published: August 5th 2022 by: Kenny Burdine source: University of Kentucky

As has been the case all year, there is no shortage of factors to discuss when it comes to this cattle market. Drought has intensified in much of the Southern Plains and has also moved into large portions of the Southeast since early summer....

In the markets

published: July 27th 2022 by: Elliott Dennis source: University of Nebraska

It is no secret that slaughter cow numbers this year have been elevated but it’s the rate they have occurred that has been puzzling. Higher input costs in the form of hay, pasture rent, fuel, etc....

July 1 Cattle Inventory down 2 percent

published: July 26th 2022 source: USDA

All cattle and calves in the United States on July 1, 2022 totaled 98.8 million head, 2 percent below the 101 million head on July 1, 2021. All cows and heifers that have calved totaled 39.8 million head, 2 percent below the 40....

May beef exports reach new heights; pork exports largest of 2022

published: July 22nd 2022 source: USMEF

U.S. beef exports set new volume and value records in May, topping $1 billion for the fourth time this year, according to data released by USDA and compiled by USMEF. While pork exports were well below last year’s large totals, shipments were the largest of 2022 in both volume and value....

Counter-seasonal opportunity for feeder cattle markets

published: July 15th 2022 by: Stephen R. Koontz source: Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University

Events on the grains markets appear to be communicating the potential for counter-seasonal opportunities in feeder cattle markets.  There is the potential for price strength into the fall. Grain markets spent the first five months of this year rallying to impressive highs: $7....

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