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Cattle ranches survive on successful marketing. Read about the important issues that influence our markets and cattle prices.

Raising valuable feeder cattle

published: April 3rd 2017 by: Tom Brink source: Red Angus Association of America

What does it take to create valuable feeder cattle? 1. Starts with the right mindset. We can have cattle that excel for both maternal and carcass traits. 2. Understand the key value attributes for cattle going through the supply chain, then breed and manage your cattle accordingly....

Beef Abroad

published: February 17th 2017 by: Kindra Gordon

With 7.4 billion people on the planet and 96% of those peopling living outside of the United States, an enormous opportunity exists to sell an abundance of American beef around the world. Dan Halstrom, U....

Beef exports increase U.S. carcass values

published: February 17th 2017

Mouthwatering steaks, juicy burgers and delectable roasts. That’s what consumers here in the U.S. love. But what about the underutilized parts of the beef animal? If we don’t consume them here in the U....

Tips for negotiating new farmland leases

published: January 27th 2017 by: Linda Geist

By Linda Geist Renters and property owners are negotiating new farmland leases in response to lower farm commodity prices, says University of Missouri Extension agriculture business specialist Joe Koenen....

November pork exports set new record; beef exports also strong

published: January 27th 2017

U.S. red meat exports continued to build momentum in November, highlighted by a new monthly volume record for pork exports. Both pork and beef exports exceeded year-ago levels by more than 20 percent in both volume and value, according to statistics released by USDA and compiled by the U....

New year bringing uncertainty and potential volatility to the beef marketplace

published: January 9th 2017 by: Donald Stotts source: Oklahoma State University Extension

STILLWATER, Okla. – Although analysts project cattle prices to be lower than 2016 for year-over-year averages, several factors are poised to have a significant effect on 2017 cattle and beef markets and may change current price expectations....

Making great cows-strategic replacement female selection

published: November 18th 2016 by: Bob Weaber source: K-State

Although the recent fall in calf prices may require cow-calf producers to sell more heifer calves than planned and forgo herd expansion, many producers will still keep a significant percentage of replacement females in order to maintain herd inventory....

Strategically marketing open cows

published: October 12th 2016 by: Dr. Justin Rhinehart source: University of Tennessee Beef Cattle Extension

Non-pregnant (aka, "open") cows are often considered a by-product of cow-calf operations. Usually, when open cows are identified at pregnancy diagnosis they are sorted directly into a separate pen, loaded that day (or as soon as the calves are weaned) and transported to a livestock marketing facility....

How the beef value chain works

published: October 7th 2016 by: Hannah Johlman

When cattle prices erratically head lower, it’s easy to take issue with reports of higher packer margins or retail beef prices that still seem relatively high.  But in a volatile market, the segments along beef’s supply chain often see much above- or below-average returns....

National Sheep Improvement Program can boost commercial, purebred producer profits

published: October 7th 2016 by: Steve Burns

SAN ANGELO – Stud ram selection within most sheep breeds has pretty much been a case of “luck of the draw” for all but a handful of traits, said the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service state sheep and goat specialist....

Weaning calves before auction reduces stress and could increase profits

published: September 26th 2016 by: Adam Russell source: Texas Agrilife Today

OVERTON –  Spring-born calves will soon be arriving at auction markets, but producers should consider a weaning plan that will help keep calves healthier and happier, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist in Overton....

Weaning calves before auction reduces stress and could increase profits

published: September 16th 2016 by: Adam Russell

By Adam Russell OVERTON –  Spring-born calves will soon be arriving at auction markets, but producers should consider a weaning plan that will help keep calves healthier and happier, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist in Overton....

Corn and feeder cattle price relationship

published: September 12th 2016 by: Brenda Boetel, professor of ag economics source: University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Historically feeder cattle prices have been determined by several factors, with corn price and fed-cattle price having the greatest impact.  The corn price has typically had an inverse relationship to both fed and feeder cattle prices....

Can you afford to sell your calves this fall?

published: September 2nd 2016 by: Kris Ringwall source: Beef Talk, NDSU Extension Service

In the mid-1990s, cow-calf producers weaned mid-500-pound calves that produced a 750- to 800-pound carcass on the rail. Today, cow-calf producers still are weaning mid-500-pound steers, but these steers have typical carcass weights that approach 900 pounds....

Planning for fall calf marketing

published: June 28th 2016 by: Ken Olson source: IGrow

Even though fall calf sales seem a long way down the road, now is the time to plan for marketing. Being prepared with a marketing plan will allow you to take fullest advantage of prices and maximize the value received for your calves....

Understanding factors affecting feeder calf prices

published: June 3rd 2016 by: Joe C. Paschal

As an Extension livestock specialist, one of the most interesting and infor-mative (to me at least) presentations to give or listen to is one on what creates value in feeder cattle, i.e., why one is worth more per pound than another (other than those due to differences in weight)....

Implanting can be money in the bank

published: May 20th 2016 by: Warren Rusche source: IGrow

Putting Money in the Bank by Implanting Calves Back » Warren Rusche – 5/9/2016 iGrow Home Livestock Beef If someone was offering a deal promising that for every $1 invested there would be a $25 payoff four to six months later, how many takers would there be? Sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly the payoff from using implants on nursing calves this year....

Decision support for America’s beef producers now available

published: April 7th 2016 source:

Custom Ag Solutions, Inc. (CAS) and Kansas State University (K-State) have partnered with the USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) to conduct research and development activities to create a Cattle Basis Risk Analysis Tool (CBRAT) to provide producers with information and analytics to improve marketing decisions influenced by cattle basis risk....

Lessons learned from the 2014 and 2015 cattle markets

published: April 4th 2016 by: Dr. Kenny Burdine and Dr. Greg Halic source: University of Kentucky Department of Agricultural Economics

The last couple of years have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for beef cattle producers. We saw prices rise to record levels and then fall as sharply as we have ever seen. A combination of factors such as cattle inventory, production of competing meats, increasing slaughter weights, and international trade were all at play in the market....

American Brahman genetics demanded internationally

published: March 25th 2016

HOUSTON, Texas - The 34th Annual Interna-tional Brahman Sale was a highlight of the American Brahman Breeders Asso-ciation's (ABBA) week of activities for Brahman breeders and enthusiasts during the Houston Live-stock Show & Rodeo in Houston, Texas, March 2-4....

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