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Cattle ranches survive on successful marketing. Read about the important issues that influence our markets and cattle prices.

Hold cattle and delay marketing, or move them on?

published: July 9th 2020 by: Dr. Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee

  July82020 Questions continue to be asked about holding on to cattle of all weight classes and delaying marketing of those animals. If calves are lightweight or soon to be weaned then this may still be a good alternative compared to marketing cattle in a soft market....

Cattle on Feed adjustments continue

published: June 24th 2020 by: David P. Anderson source: The Ohio Beef Leader

The cattle feeding part of the industry has been in the midst of dramatic adjustments over the last couple of months, just like the rest of the industry. USDA released its June Cattle on Feed report on Friday, June 19th and it showed some more adjustments, but this time back in the direction of normal....

Sheep, goat market update amid COVID-19 topic of June 11 online meeting

published: June 8th 2020 by: Susan Himes source: Texas AgriLife Today

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in San Angelo will present its fourth online meeting on the impact of COVID-19 on sheep and goat markets June 11. The event will use the Zoom video meeting platform starting at 3 p....

Steady improvement

published: June 3rd 2020 by: Stephen R. Koontz source: Colorado State University

The week of May 9 is looking like the low point for Federally Inspected Commercial Fed Steer and Heifer slaughter numbers. That week saw 203,400 and 114,800 head. The most recent data, which are two weeks prior, is for May 16 and those numbers are 253,300 and 139,300 head....

Market disruptions

published: June 1st 2020 by: Matthew Diersen, Risk & Business Man source: South Dakota State University

  May272020 – The May Cattle on Feed report released last week showed a lower level on feed compared to a year earlier. Despite wide ranges of trade estimates for placements and marketings, once averaged together they were close to the actual numbers for April 2020....

Simbrah logos available

published: May 15th 2020 source: American Simbrah Breeders

The Simbrah World staff has designed logos that could work for breed promotion on caps, jackets and the likes. The logos are available in different sizes and variations by red or black Simbrah are provided at no cost....

Management considerations for backgrounding calves

published: May 15th 2020 by: Steve Boyles source: Ohio State University Extension

Backgrounding is the growing of steers and heifers from weaning until they enter the feedlot for finishing.  Backgrounding and stocker cattle are similar although backgrounding is sometimes associated with a dry lot, and stockering cattle is thought of as pasture-based system....

The basics of pricing freezer beef

published: May 15th 2020 by: Garth Ruff, Ohio State University Extens

COVID-19 has proven to be a catalyst for consumer demand for local product     Over the last decade the demand for locally raised meats have steadily increased and that demand has skyrocketed as of late, due to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on animal agriculture and the meat packing sector....

New feeder calf marketing service creates opportunity for Hereford producers

published: April 17th 2020

Kansas City, Mo. — Hereford producers will have access to more marketing outlets for their feeder cattle thanks to a new partnership between the American Hereford Association (AHA) and S= Cattle Co....

Volatile uncertainty rules cattle markets

published: April 3rd 2020 by: Wes Ishmael

Traversing cattle and beef markets since the COVID-19 panic began is a lot like climbing on a green-broke horse for the first time and heading up a steep mountain trail; hopeful calm mixed with the expected, sudden breaking in two and no good place to bail out....

Sheep prices steady, goats great amid uncertain market conditions

published: March 27th 2020 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

    Texas sheep and goat producers are experiencing a mixed bag of good-to-stable prices amid increased market uncertainty as they get farther into 2020, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

Use the numbers-correctly

published: February 20th 2020 by: Matt Spangler source: University of Nebraska associate professor and beef genetics Extension specialist

This bull sale season, profit-minded cattle producers will utilize expected progeny differences (EPD) and economic selection indices when selecting their next group of bulls. These tools are far more accurate at predicting the average difference in offspring than visual appraisal or actual weights....

Marketing your calves

published: February 20th 2020 by: Dr. Joe C. Paschal source: ICA Of Texas

This past January, I was asked to moderate a session at the Bexar County Beef Cattle Short Course on “Marketing Your Calves – What Producers Need to Know”. The panel included Mike Brzozowski, Gonzales Livestock Com-mission Co....

Will Walmart’s new beef packing facility influence cattle prices?

published: February 4th 2020 by: Dr. Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee

A couple of questions concerning Walmart opening a beef packing facility and how the new facility would influence cattle prices. The short answer is that the opening of this facility is not likely to change cattle prices much at all....

Goals for your cow herd in 2020

published: January 24th 2020 by: Garth Ruff, Ohio State University Extens

By Garth Ruff, Ohio State University Extension     Each year I like to look and evaluate any upcoming opportunities and set goals for the New Year in an effort to better myself both professionally and personally....

Farmers hear about challenges of growing hemp

published: January 24th 2020 by: Karol Osborne

Alexandria, La. — Industrial hemp is gaining interest as farmers explore the potential for increased profits from growing hemp varieties used for fiber, seed and cannabidiol, or CBD, oil.     “This crop will have its growing pains through the first couple of years due to so many unknowns, particularly labor costs, market risks and production variables,” said LSU AgCenter economist Michael Deliberto....

Cattle on Feed Climb Above a Year Ago

published: December 3rd 2019 by: David P Anderson source: The Ohio State University Extension

NASS released its November Cattle on Feed report on Friday November 22. The report indicated more cattle on feed than a year ago for the first time since August, 2019. On feed inventories totaled 11....

USDA Cattle on Feed Report for September released

published: October 3rd 2019 by: Stephen R. Koontz source: The Ohio State University Extension

The USDA NASS Cattle on Feed report for September was released last Friday. My take on the report is that it is reasonably bullish. The fear and panic that impact cattle markets after the news of the fire at, and temporary closure of, the Tyson Finney County Plant has not much abated over the past 6 weeks....

The impact of basis in fed cattle

published: September 18th 2019 by: Josh Maples, Assistant Professor & E source: Mississippi State University

A relationship sometimes overlooked but important to the flow of cattle is the difference between the cash and futures price or the basis. For example, at the end of last week, the 5-area weekly weighted average cash price for all grades of live steers was $101....

Adding Value to Your Feeder Calves This Fall

published: August 22nd 2019 by: Garth Ruff source: The Ohio State University Extension

As summer slips past us yet again and with fall rapidly approaching it is time to discuss how to maximize the value of feeder calves that will be hitting the market in late September and October. If you have been following the cattle futures both fed cattle and feeders have been on a roller coaster here as of late....

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