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Cattle ranches survive on successful marketing. Read about the important issues that influence our markets and cattle prices.

Cattle economics: Cow-calf and stocker cattle budgets

published: February 10th 2021 by: Dr. Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee

Each year, we (i.e. me and a colleague under the umbrella of the University of Tennessee Extension) develop a cow-calf and stocker budget. This budget is developed primarily with Tennessee producers in mind, but the Microsoft Excel versions are flexible enough to meet the needs of most any producer in the United States....

Recaping the latest week’s market

published: January 8th 2021 by: Dr. Andrew Griffith source: University of Tennessee

FED CATTLE: Fed cattle traded $2 higher compared to last week on a live basis. Prices on a live basis were primarily $109 to $112 while dressed prices were mainly $174 to $176. The 5-area weighted average prices thru Wednesday were $111....

Economist reviews shocks to beef industry with implications for cattle, beef prices ahead

published: November 24th 2020 source: K State Unversity Extension

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The beef cattle industry has already experienced three big “shocks” this year and the effects are ongoing, but have been blunted to some extent, according to a Kansas State University agricultural economist....

Seasonality in fed cattle transactions and the role of negotiated cash

published: October 30th 2020 by: Elliott Dennis source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Alternative Marketing Arrangements (AMA) have once again taken center stage in the cattle market over the last several weeks. It is common knowledge that the use of AMAs varies by geographical region with Southern Plains feedlots using a larger share relative to North-ern Plains feedlots....

Retail beef market embraces changes, new cuts for consumers

published: October 16th 2020 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

AgriLife Extension expert outlines some new options from familiar beef cuts... Chuck flap, rib-eye filet, tomahawk steak, Denver or Sierra cuts, flat irons and tri tips – the landscape of the local grocery meat case is changing when it comes to beef cuts, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Ex-tension Service expert....

Plan your winter cattle feeding program and save money

published: October 16th 2020 by: Robert Wells, Ph.D source: Noble Research Institute

How would you like to save $15 per cow on your winter feeding bill? What if I said you could easily do it by making one timely change to what you are feeding your cows grazing on native grass pasture? Many people only buy one feed type during the winter....

Value of farm business plan shows when death or illness strikes

published: October 16th 2020 by: By Linda Geist, University of Missouri E

Columbia, Mo. – The value of a farm business plan becomes clear when family members need to get on the same page or when sudden illness strikes, says Joe Horner, University of Missouri Extension agricultural economist....

Record levels of Prime grading

published: October 16th 2020 by: By Josh Maples, Department of Agricultur

The percentage of steer and heifer carcasses grading prime so far during 2020 has outpaced normal levels. The average percent prime for the first seven months of 2020 was 10.6 percent which is the highest January-July average on record and about two percent higher than during the first seven months of 2019....

Cattle exports to Mexico surge

published: October 2nd 2020 by: David P. Anderson, Texas A&M AgriLif

Imports of feeder cattle from Mexico usually are reported with interest because ranchers and feeders in the U.S. import more than one million head per year, on average. The U.S. also exports cattle to Mexico, but in much smaller numbers....

Understanding the 2020 market and a look at the future

published: September 18th 2020 by: Caitlin Richards

While 2020 has been anything but normal, the cattle markets have been disappointing but not surprising. During the 2020 Texas A&M Virtual Beef Cattle Short Course on Aug. 3, CattleFax Chief Executive Officer Randy Blach gave an overview of the 2020 market and a look at the future....

Texas A&M-coordinated study expects COVID-19 economic impacts of $2.5 trillion loss in goods, services nationwide

published: September 18th 2020 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

Three universities analyze pandemic’s short-, long-term impacts on U.S. agriculture sectors COVID-19 is expected to reduce the U.S. gross domestic product,  by $2.5 trillion and employment by 19 million full-time equivalent jobs over the next year, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife coordinated study....

More than a sale

published: September 18th 2020 by: Caitlin Richards

Private treaty allows buyers and sellers to build lasting relationships. The nature of private treaty allows buyers to work directly with breeders to find the best bull for their operation and budget. Breeders who take the time to build relationships – backed by honesty and integrity – create loyal customers, ensuring the success of their business for years to come....

Capturing value when you market at the sale barn

published: September 18th 2020 by: Martha Hollida Garrett

It is a topic that continually draws thought and discussion---how to get calves to bring more when you market them through your local sale barn.     At the recent Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course, the topic was addressed by King Ranch Institute Professor Rick Machen, Ph....

Producers have opportunities to maximize returns

published: September 18th 2020 by: Sheila Grobosky

SAINT JOSEPH, Mo.--The cattle business is filled with risks. However, for all the uncertainty there are an ample amount of opportunities available for those producers who manage their risks and plan accordingly....

Adding value to cull cows

published: September 18th 2020 by: Stephen Boyles source: Ohio State University Extension

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of the returns to a cow-calf operation are from selling cull cows in the fall. There are four factors that need to be considered to obtain profit from feeding cull cows. First, the cows have to be thin but healthy....

Peak performance important to cow-calf operations amid pandemic-induced price fluctuations

published: September 18th 2020 by: Kay Ledbetter source: Texas AgriLife Today

With the COVID-19 pandemic, cattle prices have been on a roller coaster. Now is a good time to analyze performance to make sure your operation is as efficient as possible, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist....

Backgrounding--a phase of growing calves in preparation for the feedlot

published: September 18th 2020 by: Stephen Boyles source: Ohio State University Extension

Backgrounding is a term used to describe a phase of growing calves being prepared for feedlot placement. As compared to wintering programs, backgrounding emphasizes a faster rate of gain, with relatively more grain and less roughage....

Beef genetic data tools defined for bull selection

published: September 18th 2020 source: K State University and Extension

MANHATTAN, Kan. — In any team sport, members contribute their physical strengths to help achieve the goal for the common good. It is hard for an athlete to be the best in all aspects of the game....

Creep feeding options: Will it pay?

published: September 18th 2020 by: Julie Walker source: Igrow

Creep-feeding should be evaluated on a yearly basis to determine if it will provide production and economic benefits to the operation. Nutrients re-quired for calf growth are met through its dam milk and forage....

July Beef and Pork Exports rebound, but still below year-ago

published: September 15th 2020 source: USMEF

  July exports of U.S. beef rebounded from recent lows but remained below 2019 levels, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). U.S. pork exports, which are on a record pace in 2020, were also down from a year ago in July but increased compared to June....

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