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Trophy Whitetail Deer Contest Results

published: April 10th 1998

The Los Cazadores Deer Contest of Cotulla, Texas, is proud to announce winners of the 12th annual Los Cazadores Deer Contest, which covered the 1997-98 Texas hunting season. An awards program for last season’s contest winners will be held on Saturday, April 14, 1998, in Cotulla. Persons in attendance will get to view trophy mounts of the best deer killed in Texas this past season. College tuition scholarships will be awarded to five youth recipients who have expressed an interest in wildlife management and will be attending college this Fall. Donors of the scholarships are: Carter County Ranches (Bill Carter), in memory of the late Charly McTee; Friends of the late Fred Mitchell (Budweiser); King Steel Trophy Hunting Products (John Anderson); Eddie and Jennifer Wall, of College Station, Texas; and George Strait Ranch of Catarina, Texas.

The 12th annual competition of Los Cazadores was divided into several different divisions with each division having numerous categories. There were different competitions for animals taken from “high-fenced” and “non-high-fenced” ranches in Texas. Handgun, Archery, and Mexico Division winners were also recognized. Total value of awards given out this year amount to approximately $30,000! Cash awards (as given in some previous years of competition) were discounted and were replaced with “award packages”, which included custom-made sterling silver trophy buckles, numbered bronzes of the “logo”, Los Cazadores trophy buck, original, oil paintings, etc.

In 1997-98 there were 152 trophies entered in Los Cazadores that grossed 160 B&C points or more. This can be compared with 53 in 1996, 66 in 1995, 69 in 1994, 79 in 1993, 102 in 1992, and 55 in 1991. Of the deer that scored 160 or more that were entered in the contest: 41 came from La Salle County; 24 came from Webb County; 20 came from Dimmit County; 10 came from Maverick County; 10 came from Kleberg County; 8 came from Coahuila, Mexico; 7 came from Zavala County; 6 came from Jim Hogg County; 5 came from Nuevo Leon, Mexico; 4 came from McMullen County; 3 came from Tamalipas, Mexico; 2 came from Kenedy County; 2 came from Colorado County; 1 came from Atascosa County; 1 came from Refugio County; 1 came from Goliad County; 1 came from Hidalgo County; 1 came from Duval County.

The 1997-98 hunting season, which was predicted by many to be exceptional, seems to have exceeded even the most optimistic predictions. Several factors seem to have all come together this year, including , (1) timely rainfall throughout the year, (2) a conservative harvest in 1996-97, which allowed an additional year of maturity of older age bucks that were passed-up the previous year, (3) a higher number of mature bucks available this year (due to an above average fawn crop in 1992), (4) continual increase in land owner and hunter deer management programs on ranches, and (5) continual increase in land owner and hunter supplemental feeding programs involving high-protein, pelleted feed.

The winner of Division I (non-high fenced ranches) was 27 year old, Adan “Bull” Alvarez, of Kingsville, Texas. Adan is a fifth generation working cowboy on the fabled King Ranch of South Texas. Reportedly, the King Ranch annually dedicated several thousand acres of the Ranch to a “King Ranch Employees Hunting Club”, whereby Ranch employees have exclusive hunting rights on those dedicated areas. It was on one such dedicated pasture of the Laurales Division of the King Ranch where Alvarez harvested a whitetail buck deer that appears to be the seventh highest, net scoring whitetail buck ever recorded in the Boone & Crockett Record Book from the state of Texas. Adan’s buck has a gross B & C score of 246 points and a net, non-typical score of 239 and 5/8ths. The buck was a typical 12-point frame, with seven abnormal points on each main beam, including matching “drop-tines”. The antlers also have almost 40 inches of circumference measurements.

The winner of Division II (larger, high-fenced ranches) was Billy Tschirhart, of Castroville, Texas. Billy harvested his buck on a 5,000+ acre ranch in extreme northern, Duval County. Billy’s trophy was a gross B & C score of 216 points; however, since the antlers were still in velvet when measured for the Contest, a two percent “shrink” was deducted from the score, as per Los Cazadores Contest rules. Therefore, the official Contest score was 212 points. Billy’s trophy is a huge typical, 5 X 5 frame with one long, abnormal point growing off of each of the trophy’s G-3 points.

The top Mexico deer (Division III) was taken by Thomas Moy, Jr. of Karnes City, Texas. Thomas took his gross 192 and 7/8th B & C trophy in the Mexican state of Tamalipas. His trophy was a typical frame, 5 X 5 with 11 inches of extra, abnormal points.

Winner of the Archery Competition (Division IV) was Jack Brittingham, of Palestine, Texas. Jack took his gross 190 and 6/8ths B & C trophy in Dimmit County, Texas. Jack’s trophy has a typical 7 X 7 frame with eight, additional abnormal points. The trophy also had over 38 inches of circumference measurements.

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