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Texas Beef Council releases 2021-2025 Long Range Plan

published: August 20th 2021
by: Victoria Heller
source: Texas Beef Council

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) has released its official 2021-2025 Long Range Plan. Developed over the past few months, this new five-year plan will guide TBC through 2025.
    “In any industry, it’s important to take a hard look at where you’ve been, where you are today and where you want to go in the future,” said Brad Hastings, TBC chair . “We reviewed the national Beef Industry Long Range Plan and used it as the foundation of our state plan. After much discussion and input, we feel that we’ve developed a useful tool with targeted growth strategies and tactics that will help guide the organization in the years ahead.”
    The TBC board of directors worked together to create this industry blueprint, meeting in February 2021 to begin fleshing out the plan. The group continued working on the plan throughout the spring season and approved the final version at the June 2021 board meeting.
    The plan is based on one primary mission: to strengthen demand for beef as the world’s most preferred and trusted protein. Keeping in mind the TBC’s commitment to promotion, research and education, the new plan reflects three core beliefs:
    -The Industry Long Range Plan is the cornerstone of a strong state-national partnership.
    -Research is the foundation of all checkoff-funded activities.
    -Producer support, engagement and control of checkoff funds are essential.
    From there, the details and expands upon four key areas of focus that will help the TBC enhance beef’s reputation, find new consumer opportunities worldwide and encourage support from producers.
    1. Grow consumer trust in beef. By ensuring beef’s inclusion in dietary guidelines, reinforcing its sustainability message, telling beef’s positive story, investing in research and strengthening beef’s reputation as a safe and wholesome product, the Texas beef industry can help consumers feel good about choosing beef for themselves and their families.
    2. Promote and capitalize on the multiple advantages of beef. Communicating the facts about beef’s role in a healthy and sustainable diet, making beef easier and more convenient to purchase and implementing strategic marketing campaigns will tell consumers, influencers and key opinion leaders more about beef’s compelling value proposition.
    3. Drive growth in beef exports. By collaborating with partners to invest in programs that promote U.S. beef’s unique attributes, the Texas beef industry will be better positioned to address the unique needs of consumers worldwide.
    4. Grow stakeholder trust in checkoff programs. As the marketing arm of the Texas beef industry, the TBC uses producer dollars to develop impactful promotion, research and education programs. Keeping producers informed and aware of those programs and their results is also one of the council’s most important responsibilities. By engaging with producers and other industry partners, the TBC can further amplify its messaging to an even larger audience.
    “Throughout the planning process, we examined the beef industry’s current opportunities and challenges, determined which ones we could address with our producers’ checkoff dollars and established our priorities moving forward,” Hastings said. “We are confident that by working to-gether, we can more effectively communicate beef’s many positive attributes and achieve additional successes in the years ahead.” To view the full TBC Long Range Plan, visit Texas For more information about the Texas Beef Council and the Texas Beef Checkoff, or to sign up for the Cattle Talk e-newsletter, visit TexasBeef

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