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Stay-Tite fence considered to be a leader in high tensile fencing

published: November 15th 2002
by: Martha Hollida Garrett

The need to build  a better mouse trap led Bill Daugherty to start selling high tensile, fixed knot fence 13 years ago and today he owns Stay-Tite Fence Manufacturing, Incorporated, which is considered a leader in high tensile livestock and game fencing.

Daugherty, who has been involved in all phases of fencing, from contracting to manufacturing,  for  22 years, thinks high tensile, fixed knot fencing is the best fence being manufactured in the world today. Stay-Tite® is headquartered with sales office and a manufacturing plant in  New Braunfels, Texas.

The Stay-Tite fence features a unique knot that locks the horizontal and vertical wires together.

The fixed-knot fence was first manufactured over 50 years ago in Canada. It adds a third knot wire, which is twisted around the vertical and horizontal wires under pressure, which locks them tight.

“This knot, combined with high tensile wire, provides far greater vertical and horizontal holding strength than traditional wire fencing. It offers three times the life and four times the strength over conventional low tensile wire. It is manufactured with a solid vertical stay rather than the conventional hinge joint process. This provides superior vertical strength and much greater resistance to stock pressure, fallen trees,and even snow load,“ describes Daugher-ty.

Another benefit of Stay-Tite is that less posts are needed to support the fence, which results in significant cost savings in materials and time needed to install the fence.

The combination of the solid vertical stay and the hi-tensile line wires allows the fence to be constructed using up to 25’ post centers, and 1320’ between braces.

In addition, the fence is built with high tensile wire that has a Class 3 heavily galvanized zinc coating, where most traditional farm fence is made with a low tensile Class 1 or less galvanized wire coating.

Initially Daugherty concentrated on game fencing, but the fence has proven itself to be very popular as a livestock fence. They have now developed fence specifically for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, elk, bison, ostrich and exotic game applications as well as deer.

Stay-tite is now marketing  all their lines of animal fences under the brand-name, Stay-Tuff.

“We are repositioning ourselves in the industry to be animal specific and the fences are being sold under Cattle Tuff, Deer Tuff, Goat Tuff and so on,” he said.

The specially designed horse fence is done in a 3 x 3 pattern and comes in heights of 4 ft and 5 ft. Customers like it for a variety of reasons, but primarily because the fence does not stretch even with the leaning and pushing on it by  horses.   

“Our goat fence is very popular and it is predator proof. It costs about 30 cents less a foot than conventional goat fencing. There are no cedar stays and takes less posts,” describes Daugherty.

They have developed fencing ranging in heights from 36  inches with 11 horizontal wires to 96 inches with 33 horizontal wires.

All of the fences are produced with 12.5 gauge high tensile line wire with the top and bottom line wire of a thicker 12 gauge wire.

Daugherty says this increases the breaking strain to over 100 lbs for the top and bottom wire and it also gives the benefit of a stronger, tighter wire where the vertical stay wire wraps around the top and bottom line wire. The Stay-Tite product also has more vertical stay wires than other products on the market.

Another feature of the fence is the crimp depth. The crimp is the spring in the fence, which allows the fence to bounce back into shape after being repeatedly hit by animals. The crimp also enables the fence to follow the contour of the terrain.

Daugherty says their fences have a narrower, deeper, more defined crimp which gives more travel and more spring.

The Stay-Tite fence also has a tighter knot,which holds the crimp in the vertical wire and keeps the horizontal wire from sliding up and down the vertical wire. The knot is also tightly formed, so that animals are not injured as they push against the ends of the knots.

Today the New Braun-fels based company, em-ployees 12 people in the production end and has five other employees in sales and management. The product is  shipped primarily across the South, with some even going overseas.

They have four patents on various products and in addition to the fence itself, they have developed specific tools to aid the rancher in building the fence. They buy the wire to specification and then run it through their looms for a finished product.

In addition the fence is gaining popularity as a security fence for businesses and industrial complexes.

“Our fence is the most expensive roll of wire you will buy, but the savings comes from fewer posts needed, less maintenance and repair costs once its established and the longevity of the fence. Ranchers need to realize they are purchasing fence that will be used for at least 25 to 50  years,” explains Daugherty.

Stay-Tite fence is available through a dealer network throughout the state of  Texas. They market the products through word of mouth, attending some trade shows and conventions,through their website and by building demonstration fences.

“We feel ranchers owe it to themselves to find out more about this product and they owe it to their kids also, as they won’t have to worry about replacing the fence,” concludes Dau-gherty.


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