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State Fair of Texas Open Show winners

published: November 2nd 2012
source: Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association
Neely Young Nelson judged the State Fair Open Simmental and Simbrah Shows on October 19th.
There were 29 head of cattle exhibited in the Simbrah Show and 31 head of Simmentals.
Simbrah Heifer Calf and Grand Champion: TK/FCC Muffin, sired by TK MR M215, exhibited by Dulcie Fields, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.
Simbrah Reserve Heifer Calf and Reserve Grand Champion: Smith Eleanors Swagger, sired by RFI Smith Thunderstruck, exhibited by Winston Walters, Brenham, Texas.
Simbrah Intermediate Champion Female: KSSR Glamorous, sired by LMC Johnnie Walker 5R, exhibited by Cody Garrett, Cuero, Texas.
Simbrah Reserve Intermediate Champion Female: SNF Ms KT Belle Y10, sired by SNF Rock N Belle N-23,  exhibited by David Maass, Waxa-hachie, Texas.
Simbrah Junior Champion Fe-male: Rockin Roxy, sired by NF Smokin Gun, exhibited by Samantha Nichols, Cleveland, Texas.
Simbrah Junior Champion Fe-male: Smith Charming Moves, sired by Smith Evan, exhibited by Kaleb Fontenot, Cypress, Texas.
Simbrah Senior Champion Fe-male: 3QR Sadie, sired by LMC Johnnie Walker 5R, exhibited by Elizabeth Joyce, Garland, Texas.
Simbrah Reserve Champion Female: LMC Drama Queen, sired by Smith Isgrig Charismatic, exhibited by Caitlin Snider, Kosse, Texas.
Simbrah Bull Calf and Grand Champion: Avalanche 2Z, sired by A&A Black Scepter, exhibited by Robby Powell, Anna, Texas.
Simbrah Reserve Bull Calf and Reserve Grand Champion: PRR/ KRP 910Z, sired by PRR Optima 892T, exhibited by Robby Powell, Anna, Texas.
Simbrah Intermediate Champion Bull: PRR Alamo 690Y, sired by PRR Palisade 813T, exhibited by Pine Ridge Ranch, Dallas, Texas.
Simbrah Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull: GCCS Tesla, sired by PRR Prevail 774S, exhibited by Golden Cross Cattle Service, Santo, Texas.
Simbrah Junior Champion Bull: Texas Tradition, sired by LMC JWB Hurley, exhibited by Caitlin Snider, Kosse, Texas.
Simmental Heifer Calf and Reserve Grand Cham-pion: KCCL Tiara 130Z, sired by Wagr Driver 706T, exhibited by Circle M Farm, Rockwall, Texas.
Simmental Reserve Heifer Calf: MM Premium Mally, sired by SS Ebonys Premium Ble, exhibited by Keller Morse, Rowlett, Texas.
Simmental Interme-diate Champion Female: WHF Jet Black N Jealous, sired by CLRWTR Shock Force, exhibited by Morgan Nugent, Combine, Texas.
Simmental Reserve Intermediate Champion Female: TK/FCC Essence, sired by STCC Sheriff Taylor, exhibited by Dulcie Fields.
    Simmental Junior Cham-pion and Grand Champion Female: WHF/PRS Heart Throb, sired by SVF Steel Force, exhibited by Win-ston Walters.
Simmental Reserve Ju-nior Champion Female: KSSR Jasmine, sired by LBS The Foreman 702T, exhibited by Cody Garrett.
    Simmental Senior Cham-pion Female: Double W She’s A Meyer, sired by Meyer Ranch 734, MacKenzie Powell, Anna, Texas
Simmental Interme-diate and Grand Champion Bull: CMFM New Frontier, sired by BMR Explorer, exhibited by Circle M Farms.

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