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Podcasts: Your next ranch MVP

published: February 20th 2020
by: Kindra Gordon

From finances to range management, valuable topics and strategies available via podcasts

“Being a lifelong learner” is often one of the mantra successful people attribute to their achievements. And now, hundreds of thousands of talk radio segments via “podcasts” are making that learning process a-vailable 24/7. If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, they are best described as a series of digital audio files a user can download and listen to on-the-go. It’s pre-recorded radio to take with you wherever you are. The benefit of podcasts over radio is you can pick the content and topic for your playlist.
    With an estimated 700,000 active podcasts – and anticipation for that number to grow exponentially, it’s safe to say there are podcasts available for whatever topic you are interested in. A Digital News Report conducted by Reuters Institute found 36% of people access podcasts monthly, with 18 to 34 year-olds being the most engaged in the podcast market.
    And why are people tuning in? The Reuters survey asked listeners that question, and the main reasons were to keep updated about topics of personal interest for 46% of respondents, or to learn something new (39%). 
Ag focused
    With easy access to podcasts from a smart phone, laptop or wi-fi enabled vehicle, and most programming being free to download, are you ready to find a podcast that piques your interest? Here’s a roundup of several ag-themed podcasts now streaming:
    The Art of Range is a podcast designed to produce education about conservation through conversation. The weekly podcast is hosted by Tip Hudson, associate professor with Washington State Univer-sity Extension, and in-cludes conversations with a variety of industry range professionals and producers. The podcast programming is offered with support from the Society for Range Management and the Western Center for Risk Education Manage-ment. Learn more at:
    The National Cattle-men’s Beef Association launched the Cattlemen’s Call podcast in summer 2019. Each monthly episode features the stories and ideas from cattlemen and women across the nation and is hosted by Montana rancher and broadcaster Lane Nord-lund. Learn more at https://
    The Working Cows podcast, hosted by South Dakota rancher – and minister – Clay Conry, is billed as a “platform for producers.” Conry posts weekly podcasts with an impressive array of guests from across the country and around the world. He has over 100 podcast episodes archived, which offers listeners a wealth of information to ponder. Listen in at
    UNL’s BeefWatch podcast is an audio companion to the UNL BeefWatch newsletter. It provides the same timely information as the newsletter, but in a downloadable audio form. Information is geared to helping beef cattle producers improve the sustainability and profitability of their operations, and bonus podcasts include perspectives from real producers. Learn more at 964198047. Similarly, the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University features the Cattle Chat podcast with topics covering stockmanship and pasture management to bull selection and calving questions. Tune in at https: //
    Even Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has his own podcast dubbed The Sonnyside of the Farm at https://www. Rais-ed on a farm, Perdue’s ex-periences as a veterinarian, grain business owner, Governor of Georgia, and now serving as a member of President Trump’s cabinet as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, make him well connected to ag topics. Perdue will be posting new content on the first Friday of each month.
    Also popular is the Beef Buzz podcast with Ron Hays from the Radio Oklahoma Network. Hays interviews an array of guests to generate discussion on current ag issues. Listen in at
    A podcast series titled Our Farms, Our Future is designed to bring together the sustaiable agriculture community for thought-provoking conversations about the state of agriculture, including topics such as building resilient farming systems, farm profitability, and foserting community through local food systems. Find them online at Our-Farms-Our-Future-Conference/Our-Farms-Our-Future-Podcast-Series.
    There’s also a Millenial Ag Podcast, hosted by two young women with ag backgrounds. The Farm HER Podcast Shining Bright eatures conversations with women and their various roles in agriculture, and the list could go on-and-on. By now, it should be evident: there are podcasts-a-plenty. So tune in, listen and see what you learn.
Beyond ag
    And, to expand your knowledge even further, consider listening to podcasts from perspectives outside of the beef industry as well. Insights from other business arenas may provide ideas that could provide a breakthrough in thinking for your own operation. Business-minded podcasts to consider exploring include: Entre-Leadership, The Mindset Mentor, Building a StoryBrand, and much more.
    To find more topics, use a search engine with the topic you are interested in and the word “podcast” to generate a new list of podcasts to explore. All podcasts are free and can be accessed on websites, via the Apple podcast app on iPhones, or with the Google podcasts app on Android phones.

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