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Miss America Advocates For Agriculture

published: July 16th 2011
source: KTIC

Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan continues her role in advocating for agriculture. The Gering native has returned home to Nebraska this weekend for Oregon Trail Days. In a press conference Friday, Scanlan told reporters she will continue to create awareness of the importance of agriculture.

Scanlan told reporters she is speaking "to groups on the outside that really just need to understand what's it's about and hear it from somebody that they'll be able to relate to and understand it even on the level that you still that you may not be a farmer, but you still need to eat and understand everybody has a part in it whether or not you're apart of the farming and agriculture industry."

Since April Scanlan has partnered with The Hand That Feed Us and the U.S. Cattlemen's Association. She says she has been amazed by the support she has received from farm broadcasters.

"Honestly that is one group we have felt the strongest support from, just an outpouring of so much support and excitement for what we are doing, so that's really encouraging," Scanlan said.

In the coming weeks Scanlan will be creating awareness of the US Cattlemen's Association through media interviews.

"Most of the events that we do are either media based, because that's not a way they usually have in. Because usually pitching Miss America to do these things is a little easier than trying to get a farmer or cattlemen to do these interviews on agriculture, so that's really a strong point where I can work with them and what we most focus on."

Scanlan says she is looking forward to what they will continue to do in the future.

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