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Hay scam reported in South Texas counties

published: May 11th 2017
source: Texas Department of Agriculture


The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) would like to warn producers about a scam being run against individuals who have hay for sale.

TDA has received alerts from Johnson and Karnes counties about scammers contacting hay sellers. The supposed hay buyer will send the seller a check in excess of the amount the hay is being sold for and then ask the seller to wire the extra money somewhere else. The scammers explain the overpayment by saying they need to cover taxes or shipping costs; however, then the check bounces and the scammer already has the money wired to them. The hay seller is then left to pay the money back to the bank.

TDA recommends always reaching out to your local law enforcement agency if something seems fishy about a transaction or purchase. In addition, you may use TDA’s Hay Hotline to locate hay sellers and buyers in your area by visiting our website https://www.texasagriculture.gov/Home/ProductionAgriculture/HayHotline

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