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Consumer concerns about food

published: August 2nd 2017
source: foodintegrity.org

In a survey, when asked about concerns on life and current events, rising health costs ranked highest, being cited by 71% of consumers. Another eight concerns ranked at 60% or above. Of those eight, six involved food. These included

  • keeping healthy food affordable
  • safety of food
  • affordability of food
  • safety of imported food
  • being assured that food is actually what is listed on the label
  • having enough food for people in the U. S.

When asked who are the “most trusted sources about food-related issues

  • 69% said family doctor
  • 65% said family
  • 57% said university scientists
  • 56% said dietitians
  • 56% said friends
  • 54% said nutrition advocacy groups
  • 53% said farmers.

Less than 50% of consumers thought the most trusted source was state regulatory agencies, grocery stores, restaurants, or food companies. 55% think the food system is “moving in the right direction” but 22% think it’s “on the wrong track”.

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