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Beef tariff information

published: October 23rd 2018
source: USMEF

How widespread are tariffs on U. S. beef? The U. S. Meat Export Federation lists tariffs imposed on U. S. beef by 53 countries. (The European Union, with 28 members, is considered as one country in the USMEF report.) Of those 53 countries, 17 do not impose tariffs on U. S. beef, in some cases due to mutual free trade agreements. There are 36 countries that impose tariffs; 6 of those do not exact a tariff on U. S. Choice or Prime grades, largely because the country does not produce much product of that quality so it does not compete with their domestic product. Tariffs range from as low as 2% (Honduras) to 50% (Thailand). However, some countries have triggering quota levels, based on total weight of product imported, above which rates can be considerably higher. Some tariffs have increased in recent months with retaliatory responses to U. S. actions on trade; for instance, on July 6 China increased its tariff from 12% to 37%. Time will tell what if any changes happen on tariffs, and how U. S. producers will be affected.

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