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Applications available for 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy

published: July 2nd 2019
by: Maggie L. Berger
source: Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science

“Our inaugural class is wrapping up their learning experience, and student feedback so far has been tremendous,” says Reinaldo Cooke, program coordinator and associate professor at Texas A&M University. “We worked to develop the strongest course offerings paired with industry-leading experts, and we anticipate our second program year to be even stronger.”

Applications are available online now and are due by August 2. Class size for the prestigious academy is limited in order to offer an exclusive and customized learning experience. Prospective students should apply as soon as possible.

Comprehensive coursework

The 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy consists of eight courses at 30 learning hours per course. Courses are taught online with pre-recorded lectures.

“Each week there is an interactive session allowing for one-on-one student-instructor interaction,” says Ky Pohler, program coordinator and assistant professor at Texas A&M University. “Interactive sessions are customized based on the needs and demands of students.”

Courses are taught by world-renowned researchers and educators. Course topics include:

  • Cattle welfare and behavior
  • Forage production and utilization
  • Nutritional management and requirements
  • Reproductive physiology and management
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Immunology and herd health management
  • Safety of beef products
  • Carcass and beef quality

Following online coursework, the academy concludes with an optional residency period and graduation ceremony in College Station, Texas.

Passionate students

“The academy covers the most up to date and emerging information in the industry,” says Pohler. “An ideal student candidate is eager to learn and is passionate about driving the industry forward.”

Applicants should have a foundational understanding of beef cattle production and speak fluent English.

Potential students could include:

  • Advanced beef industry professionals
  • Technical services and marketing professionals
  • Graduate or professional students
  • Government officials
  • Breed association personnel
  • Progressive farmers and ranchers, etc.

The academy’s online learning format allows anyone from across the globe to participate.

Unparalleled value

“Students get leading-edge education from world-renowned instructors, without the traditional cost of higher education,” says Cooke. “When students apply course learnings to their own operations and businesses, that’s where the value really starts to add up quickly.”

The current international academy class is completing their coursework this summer. Students have provided the following feedback regarding the coursework and academy experience:

  • “The International Beef Cattle Academy was an excellent investment for myself and my operation. It provided an efficient delivery of an extraordinary amount of material that, at a minimum, enhances your awareness of issues and in some cases makes you conversant in them.” – United States student
  • “For me and my operation, International Beef Cattle Academy has been a real game changer. The materials and classes have opened my mind for so many opportunities and new approaches in our business.” – South American student
  • “Prior to the commencement of this course, I would have never entertained the thought of feeding grain to my animals. Now I appreciate that the judicious use of grain and supplements to complement what is missing from the animal’s diet in my pasture-based setting is essential to animal health and well-being.” – Australian student
  • “We can bring our operations and daily routines into the course. The exchange of information has been extremely valuable.” – South American student
  • “I was confident the material would be very high quality. What surprised me and exceeded by expectations was the involvement of the instructors and other students.” – South American student

The next academy begins in September 2019 and continues through August 2020. Apply today at or email for more information.

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