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TDA facilitated shipment of bulls to Thailand as part of international outreach effort

published: April 12th 2017
source: Texas Department of Agriculture

HOUSTON — On April 10th, one of the first air shipments of live cattle took off from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport aboard an Air China cargo plane bound for Thailand. The five Brahman bulls, transported from nearby Houston ranches, will be used for breeding stock in the Asian market.

The Texas Department of Arigulture (TDA)  has made important steps in transporting live cattle internationally since several key trading nations lifted import bans across Asia and South America. The first load of cattle delivered internationally via air from the Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport was completed two weeks ago to Vietnam.


All cattle leaving the country must be inspected at TDA holding facilities called export pens. Once the livestock is inspected and all import requirements are met - including a mandatory rest period - the cattle are loaded for transport to destinations all over the world by air and sea from Houston.


At TDA Commissioner Sid Miller’s direction, the Texas Department of Agriculture has expanded international agriculture trade programs and coordinated activities on every continent on the globe, except Antarctica. Trade missions to countries like China have opened up new profitable markets for Texas livestock and agricultural produce.


WHEN:  Wednesday, April 10th - 6am


WHERE:  Air China terminal, Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston (bound for Thailand)


WHO:  Five Texas Brahman bulls to be used for breeding


WHY:  This shipment is one of the first in decades and represents a major development in the overseas market for Texas cattle producers


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