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This section carries late breaking information relating to the field of animal health. Here you will find articles written on cattle parasites, cattle dewormer, herd health, herd management and veterinary advice. If you have an animal health concern, we have information on animal health products and services submitted by animal health companies.

Reducing Summer Pneumonia Risks Begins Now

published: April 10th 2017 source: Zoetis

Spring vaccinations can reduce summer respiratory disease and improve weaning success.  Changing weather conditions and stress from working or transporting calves opens the door for the viruses and bacteria that cause summer pneumonia....

Spring Vaccinations Set Calves Up for Long-Term Success

published: March 28th 2017 source: Zoetis

Focus on complete immunity for the calf with spring vaccinations   It’s never too early to think about a calf’s respiratory health. The steps producers take this spring with young calves not only help protect them through grazing season, but can prepare the calves for a more complete immune response with pre-weaning and weaning booster vaccinations....

Bangs vaccination needed in industry

published: March 20th 2017 by: Russ Daly source: IGrow

Imagine 10 percent of the nation's beef and dairy cattle herd infected with a contagious disease causing pregnancy loss and reproductive failure. What's more, that same contagious disease makes people sick, sometimes with long-term repercussions....

Balancing mineral needs

published: January 27th 2017 by: Travis Meteer source: University of Illinois Extension

Have you ever watched a person walk a tight rope? The balance and precision that it takes to make it from one side to the other is incredible. Focus and attention must be combined with talent and practice....

Live Oak County fever tick update

published: January 27th 2017

Since the first detection of fever ticks on a Live Oak County premises in late November 2016, the Texas Animal Health Commis-sion (TAHC) has confirmed seven additional infested premises in the county....

Fever Tick update

published: January 13th 2017 source: Texas Animal Health Commission

Austin, TX - Since the first detection of fever ticks on a Live Oak County premises in late November 2016, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has confirmed seven additional infested premises in the county....

Q&A: Veterinary Feed Directive for Cow/Calf Producers

published: January 12th 2017 source: Zoetis

   Daniel Scruggs, DVM, managing veterinarian at Zoetis, shares his answers to the most common questions cow/calf producers and veterinarians have about the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)....

Antibiotic resistance in livestock continues to receive bad press

published: January 11th 2017 source: Beef Cattle Browsing, Texas A&M

A recent publication by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations addresses effects of antibiotic resistance due to use in livestock production. The opening sentence of the Executive Summary of the paper states, “It is now accepted that increased antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria affecting humans and animals in recent decades is primarily influenced by an increase in usage of antimicrobials for a variety of purposes, including therapeutic and non-therapeutic uses in animal production”....

Controlling lice infestation

published: January 3rd 2017 by: Dave Boxler source: University of Nebraska Extension

As the above average fall temperatures give way to winter conditions cattle lice numbers will increase. Cattle lice are a cold season insect that thrives in very cold conditions. Populations are most noticeable during December, January, February, and decline during March when temperatures warm....

BCI Adds Resources for Veterinary Feed Directive Changes

published: December 29th 2016

With a Jan. 1, 2017, deadline looming, veterinarians and producers now have more resources available to help them comply with the Veterinary Feed Directive being issued by the Food and Drug Administration....

Fever Ticks confirmed on a Live Oak County Premises

published: December 16th 2016

Austin, TX –The Texas Animal Health Commis-sion (TAHC)  confirmed the presence of cattle fever ticks on a Live Oak County premises on November 30, 2016. The infested premises is located approximately 110  miles outside of the Permanent Fever Tick Quarantine Zone....

Focus on gut health and immunity of cattle

published: December 9th 2016 source: Crystalyx Brand Supplements

The Veterinary Feed Directive will be fully implemented in January of 2017. We will still have antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of disease but with added paper work and expense. Therefore, it will be important to focus on gut health and immunity of cattle....

Daily observation is key in animal health and well being

published: December 7th 2016 by: Katie Ockert source: Michigan State University Extension

One of the most overlooked practices among animal owners is daily observation. Daily observation will help owners properly monitor their animal’s health and wellbeing. We often get caught up in the routine of making sure our animals have feed and water and forget to examine some other equally important things that are happening in our barns....

Five Myths of Internal Parasite Control

published: December 1st 2016 source: Zoetis

It’s estimated that the cattle industry loses about $3 billion each year in lost weight gains, poor feed conversion and increased disease because of internal parasites.1 With the financial impact and animal welfare concerns on cattle operations, it is important for producers to understand parasite control, as well as the misconceptions about parasite control....

Anaplasmosis in drought

published: November 17th 2016 by: Dr. Lew Strickland source: University of Tennessee Beef Cattle Extension

The recent drought that has plagued the Southeast US has certainly resulted in an increase in the movement of cattle across the region. Along with this movement of animals comes an increase in the possibility of diseases that we may not typically see in certain areas....

The Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD): What producers need to know about antimicrobial use in feed

published: October 26th 2016 by: A.J. Tarpoff, DVM, MS Beef Extension Vet source: K State Beef Extension

  The use of antibiotics in feed for food producing animals has come under scrutiny over the past few years. The growing issues with bacteria developing resistance to medically important antibiotics in human medicine have been a major driver of these changes....

Veterinary Feed Directive: set your deadline ahead of Jan. 1, 2017

published: October 21st 2016 source: Zoetis

Prepare for implementation in advance to help ensure compliance  Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) and Jan. 1, 2017. These are two phrases people in the cattle industry have heard together a lot in the past year....

Expert warns screwworm return could have a huge impact on livestock, hunting industries

published: October 21st 2016 by: Steve Burns

STEPHENVILLE – The return of screwworms would deal a severe blow to the ranching and hunting industries, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service veterinary entomologist at Stephenville.  The observation by Dr....

Understanding cancerous diseases in cattle

published: October 17th 2016 by: Michelle Arnold, DVM, Ruminant Extension source: University of Kentucky

Malignant Lymphosarcoma is the most common neoplastic (cancerous) disease identified in cattle slaughtered in the United States and largest single reason cattle are condemned during postmortem inspection....

FDA’s to focus on antibiotics without defined duration of use

published: September 20th 2016 source: FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced this week it is entering the next phase of its efforts to mitigate antimicrobial resistance by focusing for the first time on medically important antimicrobials (i....

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