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This section covers information pertaining to cattle feed and livestock feeding. Nutrition is an important area in livestock production. Ranches today keep a close eye on feed and nutrition. Try keyword searches like by-products, commodities, or total digestible nutrients, and you find scores of helpful articles.

Supplementation considerations during drought

published: September 16th 2022 by: Justin Waggoner, K-State University beef source: Southern Livestock Standard

Traditionally, when cowherd supplementation is discussed, we focus on meeting the protein needs of the cow, with the goal of maximizing forage intake by supplementing protein, the most limiting nutrient in dormant native forages....

Texas peanut production below average, prices strong

published: September 15th 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

  Texas peanut producers experienced tough growing conditions in 2022, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts. Yields were expected to be below average, but prices were stronger this season....

Texas cotton takes hit from drought

published: September 1st 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

  Texas cotton growers in major production areas experienced widespread crop losses, and more acres are likely to be left unharvested due to poor plant development, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts....

Plan for backgrounding weaned calves

published: August 18th 2022 by: Phillip Lancaster source: Kansas State University Beef Institute

As we move into late summer and early fall, we begin think about weaning time. Weaning can be a stressful event and there are some techniques such as fence line weaning to reduce that stress, but the focus of our discussion today is feeding those weaned calves....

USDA: Drought drops U.S. cotton harvest to be lowest level since the 19th century

published: August 17th 2022 by: Mary Hightower source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

JONESBORO, Ark. — The United States is expected to harvest its lowest number of cotton acres since the 19th century, according to an estimate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “USDA projected this year's harvested acres at 7....

Drought stressed corn a feeding option

published: August 4th 2022 source: University of Nebraska Extension

Many areas are experiencing drought and lack of water for irrigation. What are the alternatives and considerations when grain harvest won’t be a viable option? When harvesting drought-stressed corn to feed, consider:   - Insurance....

Test nitrate levels before feeding failed crops

published: August 2nd 2022 source: Oklahoma State University Extension

“Look at the chemical label to make sure there isn’t a grazing or haying restriction for what you had applied,” Rocateli said. “Then sample (the crop) and send it to analysis for nitrate concentrations....

Cotton market conundrum: Prices collapse as drought prompts dryland growers to abandon acres

published: July 22nd 2022 by: Mary Hightower source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

  JONESBORO, Ark. — U.S. cotton growers pressed by drought are expected to abandon almost a third of planted acres against a backdrop of collapsing prices that are causing a bit of head scratching, Scott Stiles, extension economist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, said on Wednesday....

Grain prices high, Texas yields not promising

published: July 20th 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

Grain prices remain strong, but heat and drought have taken a toll on Texas crop acres, which could impact supplies and prices in the short- and long-term, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

International Trade Commission rejects fertilizer tariffs

published: July 19th 2022 source: National Corn Growers Associaiton

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled today against imposing tariffs on nitrogen fertilizers imported from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago. “This comes as a welcome relief,” said National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President Chris Edgington....

2022 crop acreage update

published: July 11th 2022 by: James Mitchell, livestock marketing spec source: Univeristy of Arkansas

USDA-NASS has published their annual June Acreage report. The report provides state-level planted and harvested acreage estimates for all principal crops. We can compare estimates from the June Acreage report to estimates from the March Prospective Plantings report and last year’s planted acreage....

Arkansas growers go in strong for cotton and soybean, pull back from corn

published: April 4th 2022 by: Ryan McGeeney source: University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture

LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas growers intend to plant significantly more cotton and soybean acres in 2022, while greatly reducing corn acreage, according to the 2022 Prospective Plantings report released Thursday by the U....

Good cotton stands critical during drought

published: March 18th 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

As dry conditions continue to grip much of Texas’ Cotton Belt, there are factors producers can control that will improve the chances of establishing a good cotton stands, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts....

Nearly four million tons of cottonseed is projected to be available for cattle producers.

published: March 14th 2022 source: Cotton Incorporated

Dairy and cattle producers can expect to see an increase in whole cottonseed supply this year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s December cotton and wool outlook report, cotton production is estimated at 18....

Conflict in Ukraine fuels uncertainty for agriculture

published: March 4th 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

The Russian invasion brought devastation to Ukraine, but uncertainty and volatility fueled by this conflict are rippling through U.S. and Texas agriculture markets.  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economists said both Russia and Ukraine do not represent major destinations for U....

Market concerns equal good commodity crop prices

published: February 2nd 2022 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

Commodity crop prices continue to remain strong across the board as weather and geopolitical concerns add volatility to markets, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

Real cost of limiting nutrients

published: November 4th 2021 by: Les Anderson source: University of Kentucky Extension

Fall is here and all cow-calf producers need to assess the body condition score (BCS) of their herd. Spring-calving cows are nearing weaning time and the fall is the most economical time to put weight back on....

Cotton prices rally amid speculative buying

published: October 19th 2021 by: Adam Russell source: Texas AgriLife Today

Cotton futures rose rapidly over recent weeks as speculators began buying for potentially big profits based on expectations that prices would go up, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert....

Corn market update

published: September 24th 2021 by: Josh Maples source: Mississippi State University Department of Ag Economics

Corn harvest season has started in some areas and should pick up in the major corn production areas of the U.S. over the next month or so depending on weather. There are still plenty of unknowns concerning the size of the U....

Grouping the Cowherd for Winter Feeding

published: December 1st 2020 by: Steve Boyles source: The Ohio Beef Leader

Young-bred heifers and young cows that have just weaned their first calf should be fed separately from the mature cows in the herd. The young animals are smaller, still growing, and are replacing their temporary teeth....

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