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The Texas Side Of Things

published: February 18th 2022
by: Jim Banner

I’ve often heard that all roads lead somewhere which is a true statement. But from my personal experience…that somewhere was not where I wanted to go!  If you know me very well, then you probably know that I’m always 15-30 minutes late arriving at my destination. It’s difficult to calculate distance and travel time and then, of course, sometimes you must factor in city traffic, auto accidents and even restroom stops.  So, it’s a given that I usually arrive late to my destination, and I warn people that whatever time I say I will arrive…add 30 minutes to it.
    This was not the case last week when I was making ranch visits videoing cattle for the San Antonio All Breed Sale.  I got up early, left San Antonio before the traffic got bad and was actually 30 minutes early and was actually thinking about maybe stopping to get some breakfast before I arrived at my first stop.
That’s when I encountered the situation that changed my day from good to bad, immediately.  
    I had traveled about eight miles outside of the San Antonio city limits when I noticed a multitude of brake lights in front of me. Now for someone that travels a lot, a multitude of brake lights is frightening signal.  A long distance ahead of me, I could see a lot of red flashing lights which was also a bad sign and the third thing I didn’t see was any traffic going the opposite direction which all meant that a major accident had occurred, and I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.  I immediately went to my handy, dandy Google map but undoubtably, that little map making car had never detoured off the road I was stuck on.
Not know what to do, I called the client at my first stop and told him I was going to be a little late and they said what’s new…they were already expecting me to be.  
    I next noticed a county road about 40 yards up ahead of me and a school bus traveling in the same direction I was going, turned onto it.  I thought to myself, if anyone one would know another way to travel and get their passengers to school of course would be a local school bus driver.  So, I drive in the bar ditch to where the county road began, and I followed the yellow school bus down the road to somewhere unknown.  I next looked in my rear-view mirror and I guess some other stranded drivers saw what I did, and they were following me… approximately 15-20 cars.  I followed behind the bus for about eight miles, and everything looked like it was going to work out just fine until that damn bus turned the opposite direction we needed to go to get the next town and bad feeling started in my stomach and traveled to my brain…I don’t think this bus driver knows where he is going.  I continued to follow the bus for another five miles and then I saw the brake lights come on and sure enough, up ahead of us was a fence, a gate and a big sign that read, Dead End, Private Property, Do Not Enter!
    It didn’t take me but a second or two to understand I had been led astray and I needed to turn around as fast as I could and get back to the highway.  The line of cars that were following me realized the same thing and I have never seen 20 cars turn around as fast as they were doing on that county road.  It looked like the Indianapolis 500 as cars were maneuvering their vehicles around trying to get into first place.
    Well, I made it back to the highway, along with the other 20 cars and I got back in line to wait for the accident to be cleared and allow the traffic to once again flow.  A I sat in my truck it gave me some time to think about what I had learned from this experience and the first thing was I need to be more patient.
The second thing was that all roads do lead to somewhere but it’s not always where you want to go.  The third thing was people are still like sheep and will follow anyone even though they don’t know where they are going.  And the last thing is don’t trust modern day bus drivers because they only know the routes they are supposed to be traveling.

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