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The Texas Side Of Things

published: February 19th 2021
by: Jim Banner

As most of us know, there is nothing more unpredictable than the weather. And the only thing more unpredictable than the weather in general is the weather here in Texas! Last week, I was out finishing up some video work near Pearsall and it was 82 degrees.  On Monday in San Antonio, it was 13 degrees and the snow was 3-5 inches thick.
    Last week I made a run to Castell to feed hay and cubes for my cattle before the cold front hit, but I was a little bit late and it had already started to snow, sleet and rain. It just so happened that some loose hay had fallen off one my round bales in front of the others and I needed to move it out of the way.  It also happened that I hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was nearly 11 a.m., so I was getting a little hungry. I got out of my pickup to move the loose hay and noticed that for some reason, it felt a little heavier than what I expected.  I used my foot to kick it out of the way and I heard a soft grrrrr sound. At first, I didn’t think much of it and actually thought it was my stomach growling. I reared back and really kicked the wad of hay a lot harder this time and again heard the muffled growling noise coming from the hay.  So, I reached into the back of my pickup and retrieved a pitchfork to investigate why the hay was growling and why I wasn’t able to move it like I thought I should.  I began to uncover the hay with the pitchfork when something sprang out of the hay. To say the least, I went running for my life in one direction and a big ol’ coon headed off in the opposite way. That’s right, the coon had found a warm, dry sleeping spot in the hay and I sure hope he could remember where his hollow tree was because his secondary home has since been fed to the cows.
    By now, I’m assuming you have heard that our unpredictable weather has forced us to postpone this year’s San Antonio All Breed Sale. This is our 30th Anniversary sale and honestly, we have been very blessed with wonderful weather for the past 29 years. The San Antonio Stock Show contacted us this past Sunday and explained they were not allowing any stock show events to be held February 15-17, but that the scheduled rodeo dates would go on as scheduled.
    The sale management immediately changed our plans as well, and rescheduled our sale for Wednes-day, February 24, as an online video auction. Vi-deos of the consignments can be viewed at and you can register to buy at As a reminder, all of the sale cattle have been screened and videoed for quality by one of the San Antonio All Breed Sale management team. This is an online only sale and there will not be any cattle available for viewing on the San An-tonio Stock Show grounds.  If you are not comfortable bidding online, we will have phones available and we will be able to take your bids by phone, but you need to be approved before placing your bid.  We will announce at the sale what the consignors have agreed to do about delivery so that you know in advance.
    Trust me when I say this has been a very unfortunate situation. The consignors have worked hard to get their cattle ready for this sale and we have been all over the state videoing and screening the sale cattle for quality. But this year, we believe this is the best option for everyone’s safety. Most of you who have been to the San Antonio All Breed Sale in the past know that the cattle consigned are the best of the best and this year’s offering is no different.  Even though you may not be able to actually view the sale cattle in person, you will be able see the cattle by video and know that each consignor will be sending their best, as usual.
    If the sale management can assist you in any way, please contact us prior to the sale.
Jim Banner-210-867-6862 –
Michael Sturgess-210-867-683 –
Anthony Mihalski-210-415-0888
Loren Jackson-210-867-5553
    Please be careful during these extreme conditions and hopefully, we will see or hear from you soon!

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