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The Texas Side Of Things

published: October 16th 2020

Lots of things always seem to happen during this time of the year…cattle sales, upcoming deadlines for PRF insurance, opening of deer hunting, football games and of course, Halloween!  But, for a lot of you folks involved in agriculture, you’ve probably been busy getting ready for the upcoming stock show season which includes the three major shows, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston, along with several smaller city and county shows.  Many of you have wondered for some time now whether these shows would or would not be held this winter, due to the continuing coronavirus major health problem.
    Last week, the Fort Worth Stock Show made a major announcement canceling their 2021 event.  In their statement, show officials said: “Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 the Fort Worth Show and Rodeo’s executive committee has canceled the 2021 Show.  Consulta-tions with numerous infectious disease and public health professionals indicate the Stock Show would rank as a “very high risk” for the spread of COVID-19.  This was a painful decision that was not made lightly.”  They went on to say that they know their decision is very disappointing for many, but they also know that they must do their part to defeat the virus. 
    The following day, San Antonio officials came out with their own statement.  In it they said, “We are excited to announce our revised 2021 Livestock Show Schedule.  Our ef-forts in 2021 will be focused on our Junior Competitive Events including Junior Livestock Shows, Agricul-tural Mechanics Contest, Junior Shoot-out and Calf Scramble.  Unfortunately, in order to serve our youth exhibitors and follow appropriate guidelines, we will not be offering our Open Show opportunities in 2021.”
    Of course, everyone has their own opinion pertaining to each show’s response.  Some are mad as heck at Fort Worth for canceling because of the large investment that the young exhibitors have made in their animals. Others are applauding them for making a tough decision and preventing the spread of the virus while at the show and then going back home and spreading it even more.  Meanwhile, it is just the opposite with the San Antonio Show.  Those who want to are congratulating them for being brave enough to allow their exhibitors to come and show, while the other side is complaining of negligence during an epidemic.  Rumors and theories have been rampant for the last few months, speculating on whether the major stock shows would or would not have their show.  Well, at least now you know and only time will tell who is doing the right thing and who is not.   
    Since the beginning of September, I have received numerous phone calls, emails and text messages from consignors and buyers concerning the 2021 San Antonio All Breed Sale and whether we think it will happen.  As of today, we are planning to have the sale on February 17th at the San Antonio Livestock Show grounds.  We have been told by show officials that the sale is still a part of the plans for this year’s event and it is on the schedule to take place.  We are still planning on conducting it just like we’ve always done but we also know that anything can happen, like a major outbreak of the virus, and either the city, county or state can pull the plug on whether or not the 2021 San Antonio Stock Show happens or not. 
    Of course, we will keep you advised of any changes as we get closer the show dates but please know that we are making plans to once again provide you with some of the best commercial bulls and females that we can find.  It has been our honor to host this sale for over 29 years….that’s right, this will be our 30th anniversary sale and we would sure like to have it and hope you will be able to attend.  Please be safe and cautious and we hope to see you in February at the San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo.

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