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The Texas Side Of Things

published: September 18th 2020
by: Jim Banner

Wasn’t last week a nice, refreshing change in the weather?  It’s amazing how attitudes and mannerisms improve just because of some rain and cooler temperatures.  I’ve heard people say all my life, “Live every day to its fullest because you will never be able to live that day again.” If you ask me, I really don’t want to go back and relive the past months of July and August.  I know that last year was hot and dry but I’m pretty sure this year was one of the worst.  Think about it.  In August, it was hot when you woke up and it was even hotter when you went to bed, and except for a few spots in the state, most areas went from a green, lush color to brown and brittle in just a short period. Next year, if you want to reach me in July or August, you better call my mobile number because I plan to be long gone to cooler conditions.
    Fortunately, in the last three months I have been attending a lot of purebred cattle sales and am happy to report that all of them have been very good.  Since June, I have worked sales in Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas, and as far as I can tell, breeders are very enthusiastic to be out of the house and attending something they really enjoy.  If you haven’t attended a recent sale, let me tell you what to expect.  Some of the people at the sales were very cautious and wore masks, while at other events they did not. The one thing I did noticed was that everyone at these events were very respectful of others.  If someone felt uncomfortable that another person was not wearing a mask, the other party would always put theirs on.  I am always so amazed and proud of how courteous and respectful cattle breeders are to others.  They don’t make a mountain out of an ant hill and cause a big scene.
    By the way, if you haven’t noticed by now, the ads in our newspaper are reminding us that it is the time of the year to purchase new bulls.  You will notice that in the next three months, almost every breed will be represented in a sale somewhere in this state.  Make sure to watch in the next six issues of Southern Livestock - there will be numerous ads for Charolais, Hereford, Bran-gus, Beefmaster, Angus, Red Angus, Santa Ger-trudis, Simmental and Simbrah bulls representing some of the top breeders in the state of Texas, as well as surrounding states.  This is by far my favorite time of the year because it’s one of the few times I get to visit with so many of the commercial cowmen that attend.  It gives me the chance to ask questions and hear what they are thinking about our industry and what they are planning for the following year.
    The change of seasons has been a blessing so far and hopefully, everyone has received some good rains.  I know that cattlemen have always been an optimistic and practical group and I hope this uniqueness will continue to move our industry forward.  Recent articles that I’ve read have expressed some optimism in our markets as we finish out the year and possibly even more improvements this spring.  Together, we are making a difference in our industry and I hope all of you will continue to produce the best agricultural product in the world…American Beef!


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