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The Texas Side Of Things

published: February 20th 2020
by: Jim Banner

Am I the only one who has grown tired of the impeachment hearings? How many different ways can one conjure up to convey the same message? If you think the President is guilty, has anything they have said actually changed your mind? Conversely, if you believe the President is innocent of the charges, has there been anything discussed that has changed your mind?
    The US House of Re-presentatives impeached President Donald Trump on two charges. The first charge was abuse of power. Their claim is that the President withheld, or threatened to withhold, financial aid to Ukraine. According to the New York times, “Using the powers of his high office, President Trump solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2020 United States Presidential election. He did so through a scheme or course of conduct that included soliciting the Government of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations that would benefit his reelection, harm the election prospects of a political opponent, and influence the 2020 United States Presidential election to his advantage. President Trump also sought to pressure the Government of Ukraine to take these steps by conditioning official United States Government acts of significant value to Ukraine on its public announcement of the investigations. President Trump engaged in this scheme or course of conduct for corrupt purposes in pursuit of personal political benefit. In so doing, President Trump used the powers of the Presidency in a manner that compromised the national security of the United States and undermined the integrity of the United States democratic process. He thus ignored and injured the interests of the Nation.” Hogwash! Is the pot calling the kettle black?
    First of all, no aid was withheld and no conversations with Ukrainian officials have suggested any improprieties of this nature. Of all the witnesses that were brought forth during the House impeachment, and even as politically biased as they were, could convey any direct knowledge of such an incident. They surmised, they assumed, they conveyed gossip and hearsay as fact, without any direct support of these allegations.
    Secondly, the application of leverage by government officials is an age-old time-honored tradition. How many times have our middle eastern adversaries been threatened with sanctions? How about embargoes? Or how about something as mundane as trading your vote for someone else’s support or vote? Again, it’s called leverage. And if my elected officials can’t learn to properly apply leverage to secure an acceptable outcome, it’s high time that I use my vote to elect someone else!
    And thirdly, having a brash approach or personality is not an impeachable offense! You may not like his use of Twitter. You certainly may not appreciate his name-calling of those who find themselves opposed to his pursuits. You might not like his comb-over! STILL NOT IMPEACHABLE! Get over it! He doesn’t care whether you like it or not. This guy actually has the audacity to do the things he promised to do during his campaign. Now, there’s a novel idea!
    The second charge is obstruction of Congress. And this is the one I find to be the most laughable. Apparently, it is a crime to make it difficult on your political opponents to convict you of charges that you disagree with. So, remember if you are ever in this situation, what they want you to do is to roll over a play dead, while your political adversaries comb through documents and meetings held under executive privilege. You are not allowed to solicit the court’s interpretation, protection or even call witnesses for your own defense. When you are subpoenaed for classified documents, and you say no, you are asking for the courts to step in to make sure everything is done properly.
    However, waiting for the courts to intervene is not in the best interest of those who are looking for a public sham. The Democrats want you to lay down and take it like a dog.
    The Democratic Party has plotted to remove this president since the day he was swore in. It’s a joke and a travesty. I will be the first to admit that President Trump’s style and delivery is not for everyone. I would say that a little more tact when dealing with adversaries might have proven more fruitful.
    What I can’t argue with are the results. This guy knows what he wants to do, and he goes out and gets it done!
You may not appreciate his methods, but you can’t argue with the results. The economy is booming, unemployment is low. Government overreach is being curtailed. And yes, he pulls off the gloves to spar with countries who don’t exercise fair trade practices. He wants to bring our troops home. He wants other countries to pay their fair share.
    If it takes a brash personality, then I say hear hear! And by ALL means, please use whatever leverage you need to get the job done.
    The Senate is doing the right thing. Let’s kick this issue to the curb and move on!

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