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The Texas Side Of Things...

published: December 16th 2016
by: Jim Banner
As we approach Christ-mas and the New Year festivities, I’m always amazed at the last-minute panic that many of us endure each year. I think we actually get pulled into Christmas chaos due to the commercials on TV en-couraging us to “rush out and buy right away”, “hurry, don’t wait” and “this good deal won’t last forever and will be gone before you know it”! Let’s face it, Black Friday has become the starting date for the “Christmas Chaos Season” when normal people become crazy and irrational. Thank goodness, it only last for about 30 days and everyone calms down again. 
Last Sunday, I went to church in Mason. Since I haven’t been going there as much as I have at Castell, I wasn’t aware that they were having the children’s Christmas program instead of a regular service. I must confess that at first I was a little unhappy because I was looking forward to hearing the message from the pastor. But I sat back in my church pew and relaxed, watching all the little ones dressed up for the special event and it brought back good memories of when I was a young boy. Of course, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were there, the three wise men showed up, angels of every size, shepherds with staffs in hand and many others I can’t remember added to the cast. Of course, parents and grandparents were in attendance with their video cameras in hand capturing all the footage to be shared with everyone they know that couldn’t attend. 
You might ask why is this so important or special. For me, it reminded me that there are several things that make Christmas very special...children, family, sharing and the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though the commercials on TV get us all excited about getting a new car, a gun, or a coat...it’s nothing compared to the precious face of a small child when he or she opens a present and see the gift they never expected. I believe there is nothing more special than when families get together and share stories about growing up or maybe what had happened in their lives in the last 12 months. I know there is nothing more rewarding than sharing with those in need the things that we have been blessed to receive. Finally, may we always remember the greatest gift the world has ever received, Jesus Christ, and the real reason why we should stop and give thanks at Christmas time. 
As we come to the end of another year, the staff at Southern Livestock Stand-ard would like to say thank you to the many advertisers and readers of our publication for making 2016 a very good year. We hope and pray that each of you will have a very special and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will be taking a few days off to spend some time with our families and our first issue in 2017 is scheduled forJanuary13th so until then... Merry Christmas,Y’all!

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