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The Texas Side Of Things...

published: November 18th 2016
by: Jim Banner

It would be easy for me to write about the recent election from this past week but just like the rest of you, quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing about it, so I won’t! I’m almost certain that everyone who has an opinion one way or another has had more than enough time to express it, so let’s get our hearts and minds cleared and go on down the road of life. In other words, the election is over and now it’s time to see what the choice of the people can do…enough said!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, why don’t we all stop and take a big breath of air and think about the good things we’ve enjoyed so far this year.  First, I would like to thank the good Lord for blessing us with the wonderful rainfall we’ve received throughout this year. Just think about it…only five years ago we endured one of the worst droughts in Texas history. I don’t know about you, but even today when it starts getting a little hot and dry for over 30 days, I start thinking, “Is this the beginning of the next disaster?” The pastures are still green and lush and the hay fields have lots and lots of large round bales lined up and stacked for storage…it’s been a wonderful and productive year!
I am so thankful to work in agriculture where the people are friendly, honest and caring.  In my opinion, there isn’t a better industry just because of the integrity of the people associated with it. It amazes me when I visit with others who have jobs that I know make them a lot more money than most farmers and ranchers, and they never seem to be happy. In fact, a lot of them can’t wait for the day when they can retire and spend their new sense of freedom working on their property. Maybe that’s why a lot of them eventually end up buying land and getting into the cattle business.  It allows them to regain a sense of wholesome reality that’s been lost in this crazy, and sometimes confusing, world we live in.
I am so encouraged when I see the young people involved in the 4-H and FFA programs that come to the stock shows and enter all kinds of educational contest. Trust me, if you haven’t been to a judging contest or stock show, please do so. The contestants today are so smart and respectful that it makes my heart proud when I see them.  Watching them assures me that the agricultural industry is in fine hands when they someday step into our shoes.
`As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, may we be proud that we are the producers of the food that millions of Americans will enjoy, not only next Thursday, but every day of the week. Meanwhile, many will never think about the long, hard hours that someone has spent to provide them this safe, wholesome and enjoyable meal. May we be proud and thankful that we live in a country that is especially secure and strong when compared to so many others located throughout the world. May we especially be thankful to live in a country where we have the freedom to vote and make changes in our government, which also restores our faith that democracy is still alive.
Finally, may we remember that all things come from God and he alone allows us the opportunity to make the most out of every day and may we never forget it.  Please pray for our troops and their families and may they return home safe and sound real soon.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiv-ing and may your turkey not be too dry.

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