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Texas Crop, Weather

published: November 26th 2021
source: Texas AgriLife Today

AgriLife Extension district reporters compiled the following summaries:
    CENTRAL: Field activity and winter wheat planting was close to starting up again after heavy rainfalls and excessive moisture put a halt to plantings. Good moisture conditions helped oat and wheat emergence, and fields looked good and uniform. Some tillering-stage oat fields were showing signs of nitrogen deficiency, possibly due to excess rainfall. Cool and wet conditions triggered a moderate flush of winter annuals, especially henbit. Stock tanks were mostly full now, and the livestock were in good condition. Pasture and hay field conditions continued to decline with cooler temperatures and shorter days. Some spring planting preparation began, and the last hay bales were being trucked off fields. Producers were beginning to feed hay.
    ROLLING PLAINS: Winter wheat emergence continued to be spotty depending on soil moisture. Some areas received up to half an inch of rainfall. Humidity levels were helping maintain soil moisture in some areas, but warm, windy conditions were depleting soil moisture in other areas. Replanting of winter wheat was taking place. The cotton crop looked to be good with harvest starting. Stocker cattle were being turned out on fields with enough wheat growth. Croplands were very dry, which was helping cotton harvest. Peanut harvest was underway. Warm-season grasses were on the decline. Many producers have quite a bit of standing forage and were taking advantage of it by holding calves a little longer. Some pastures were becoming a little short on grazing due to stocking rates and frost.
    COASTAL BEND: Cooler and wetter conditions continue to prevent the small amount of remaining cotton in fields from being harvested. Fall field work was well underway where producers were able. High feed, fertilizer and herbicide costs were concerning producers about their ability to remain profitable over the next year. Some producers were considering fertilizing, but only after soil sample analysis because of high prices. Pecan harvest continued with extremely low yields as extreme wet conditions over summer caused major pecan scab infestations. Hay growers were making a final hay cutting as summer grass growth was beginning to decline. Winter pastures were planted and growing with adequate moisture. Cattle were in good to excellent condition with steady to higher prices reported. Livestock auctions were receiving large numbers of weaned calves and cull cows. Hunting season was in full swing.
    EAST: Winter pastures in most areas were not looking good due to the lack of rain. Pasture and rangeland conditions were poor to fair. Subsoil and topsoil conditions were short to adequate. Cattle markets picked up some. Livestock were doing fair to good with supplemental feeding taking place. Feral hogs continued to cause damage and be a problem for producers. 
    SOUTH PLAINS: Cot-ton harvesting was in full swing across the district with reports that dryland fields were making up to 1.2 bales per acres with irrigated fields producing 1.7-2.2 bales per acre. High winds delayed some cotton harvesting operations. Early planted wheat had enough moisture to germinate and was in fair condition. The majority of the later-planted wheat fields had not emerged. Peanut harvest was wrapping up. Sorghum, corn and sunflower harvests were underway. Cattle were in good condition on pastures.
    PANHANDLE: Condi-tions remained dry. Pro-ducers were wrapping up corn harvest with yields average to above average. Grain sorghum harvest was going well with above average yields for most producers. Winter wheat was being planted, and plantings will continue into December. Some producers were irrigating wheat to get some early grazing. Field preparations were ongoing with some manure and compost being applied to area fields. 
    NORTH: Soil moisture ranged from very short to adequate with some scattered rainfall and cooler temperatures. High winds were drying out the topsoil. Cotton harvest continued with good yields reported for many locations. Soy-beans were harvested. Oat conditions were excellent, and winter wheat was planted and emerging. Pasture and rangeland conditions were very poor to good. Livestock were in good condition. Cattle were slowly starting to need hay since grass was going dormant.
    FAR WEST: Tempera-tures were in the mid-40s overnight and the mid-80s during the day. No rain was received, and conditions were windier than normal. Winter wheat was planted, and most fields had emerged. Cotton harvest was wrapping up. Some early maturing pecans were harvested, but producers were still waiting on a good freeze for shucks to open and dry out to finish harvest. Pastures were getting dry. Producers continued to feed livestock and wildlife. Deer hunters were in the area. 
    WEST CENTRAL: Temperatures were near normal, and all areas needed rain. Cotton harvest continued. Pecan crops were as expected with those with a heavy crop last year struggling and those who were light last year enjoyed a good harvest with very good prices. Wheat fields improved with some showers and warmer days. Feral hogs remained a problem in some grain fields.
    SOUTHEAST: Condi-tions were drying out, but some areas received some rain. Grass growth started to slow, but ryegrass was coming up nicely and other winter forages were being planted. Pasture conditions were mostly fair, and late hay was being cut and baled. Rice harvest was almost complete, and more rice was left for crawfish than ratoon cropped in some areas.
    SOUTHWEST: Tem-peratures were cooler with no precipitation reported. Fall-planted grain sorghum and most of the fall-planted corn was harvested. Ir-rigated winter wheat emerged and looked good to excellent. Dryland wheat needed rainfall to germinate and produce even stands. Most dryland fields were showing 50% emergence, which was a concern for grazing pastures. Cabbage and spinach fields were in various stages from just being planted to almost ready to be harvested. Rangeland and pasture were in excellent condition. Livestock and wildlife remained in good condition with little to heavy supplemental feeding.
       SOUTH: Northern parts of the district were reporting very short soil moisture levels while, southern, eastern and western areas were reporting short to adequate levels. Temperatures were mild to cool with no rainfall in most areas. Some areas received scattered rains with Zapata County re-porting 3-5 inches of rainfall. Peanut harvest continued. Pasture and rangeland conditions continued to decline due to lack of rainfall and were greening up in areas that received rains. Livestock were in good condition, but supplemental feeding continued to increase. Cattle producers were selling spring-born calves and cull cows steadily. Some cattle markets were reporting steady to slightly lower prices and average sale volumes. Hay producers were finishing a final cutting. Feed prices remained high at local suppliers. Wildlife were receiving supplemental food. Mesquite trees continued to defoliate. Producers were gearing up for winter crops. Spinach was being planted, and some crops like cabbage were being harvested. Winter vegetable crops were being irrigated. Row crop farmers were preparing fields for next year. Sugarcane was being harvested, and citrus trees were close to harvest with below-average yields expected.

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