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President’s Address

published: November 26th 2021
by: Brad Cotton
source: ICA Of Texas

Howdy friends,
    It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be in the rear view mirror and Christmas will be just around the corner when this article is published. This has been a great year for the Independent Cattleman’s Association (ICA) and we are looking forward to a better 2022. Cattle prices are on the rise with some predicting record highs next year. Input costs continue to be a challenge but cattle folks are resilient and will make it work.
    In watching the news out there it seems there are many varying opinions on the “Build Back Better “plan.  Some ag groups are positive due to the money directed to agriculture which is a good thing. Others such as Farm Bureau realize this, but are concerned the tax burden on middle class citizens will increase dramatically and cause added financial stress to an already overburdened work force. One item that sticks out to me is the money allotted to do a four year study on a mileage tax. Most everyone is aware when you purchase fuel at the pump you pay a tax on gasoline. Texas has a 20 cent per gallon tax along with a federal tax of 18.4 cents and 24.4 cents on diesel. The study looks to add a GPS to vehicles in an effort to track mileage and impose an added tax. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out rural folks drive significantly more than their urban counterparts. Many residents in large cities such as New York are able to get by with no vehicle at all. This GPS system, while adding to the tax burden will also be an intrusion on one’s right to privacy. While there is some added monies available for ag producers I personally find the cost too great. I’ve always believed nothing is free in this life.
    Just when I was losing faith in our elected officials I saw a recent press release on a Bipartisan American Beef Labeling Act (S.2716). This bill is being introduced by John Thune (R- from SD), Jon Tester (D-Mont), Mike Rounds and Cory Booker. This legislation if passed would lead to a return of MCOOL in such a manner as to make it World Trade Organization compliant. This would once again reward U.S. cattle producers for their tireless efforts in producing some of the world’s highest quality and safest supply of beef. It appears R-Calf and United States Cattlemen’s Asso-ciation support this effort and while not official,l I am comfortable ICA of Texas would do the same. The biggest question for me is “Where do the legislators for the great state of Texas stand?”
    Lastly I would like to mention plans are underway for our 2022 ICA state convention. We are looking to make this one of the biggest and best yet so start making your plans to attend. Until next month I hope everyone stays safe and is abundantly blessed.

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