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President’s Address

published: August 6th 2021
by: Brad Cotton
source: ICA Of Texas

Howdy friends,
    It is hard to believe we are moving in to the month of August. Our pastures look great, cattle are fat, ponds are full and we have had relatively cool weather. There is so much to be thankful for including a rise in cattle prices.
    While on the subject of cattle prices I want to go into a little detail on the bull and female sale, scheduled for Oct. 15th  in Gonzales Texas. We held our first sale meeting and are excited to get things going. The rules have stayed pretty much the same but you can either call the office or get online and obtain the rules and entry forms. This sale should be a great one due to the price of cattle and the abundance of grass. There will be something for everyone. Pens are from two to five head,  which should accommodate both small and large ranchers. We are looking to have over 300 females and up to 60 bulls. To those considering consigning, we accept quality cattle and aren’t real concerned about numbers. If you have a few replacement heifers to move we’d love to have them. Keep in mind the commission paid is similar to other special sales. At the Central Texas Independent Cattlemen’s Association(ICA) Sale, ALL commissions go to either putting the sale on or the State ICA office, who works diligently looking after your interest as a cattleman. So not only are you selling cattle for a premium, but your commissions go to support your cause. Now that is a pretty good deal.
    We are gearing up for an ICA State Board Meeting in September in Lockhart. Should you have any business you believe needs attention, call the office or speak to one of your local state directors. Our goal is to make sure you as cattlemen and rural landowners are represented. Until next month, stay safe and God bless Texas!

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