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President’s Address

published: October 30th 2020
by: Brad Cotton

Howdy friends! I hope each of you are doing well at this time. It seems as though we are slowly getting back to normal in our area, but still a long way to go. When the rain stopped in South and Central Texas a few weeks ago it went cold turkey. Since looking so good several weeks ago it has turned dry in a hurry.
    We just wrapped up our Central Texas ICA sale in Gonzales, Texas on Oct. 16th.  Not sure how many years this has been going on, but my guess is close to ten. This sale is designed to showcase some of our members’ cattle and is also a fundraiser for the ICA of Texas. Whether you are buying or selling, keep in mind the majority of the commission or fees paid are coming back to you in representation in Austin. We are always working to improve on our sale each year and judging by the quality of cattle we are continuing to head in the right direction. With just a few exceptions, the majority of the people working to put this sale on are volunteers who are giving of their time to provide a place for folks to sell and buy quality animals. Besides the many hours put in each year for the sale, they each have regular jobs and/or their own cattle to look after. We are already in discussion of areas to improve upon for the 2021 sale.
    The night before the sale there was a catered dinner for all who chose to attend. I was not able to be there, but I heard Billy Bob Low and friends did a great job with the BBQ as usual. Prior to kicking off the sale, we took a few moments to recognize the Lee Baker family.  Baker was a great friend to many, as well as a great steward of the land and cattle he loved. He was involved in this sale since its inception and was active in working as well as selling cattle each year. A beautiful buckle was given to his son, Bradley in memory of Baker’s contributions. He will surely be missed. There was a membership booth worked by Dr. Glen Tate, Brenda Moore and Laurie Miller that was very successful in signing up new members, as well as issuing buyer numbers. A big thank you and a welcome to the ICA family go out to those committing to membership.
    This year we had 60 plus bulls and over 250 females sell with most doing relatively well. I say relative due to the fact that market and weather conditions definitely had some impact. There was something there for everyone. We have a number of buyers and sellers who are a yearly fixture along with some first time buyers and sellers and we appreciate each of you. The high selling bull was a Charolais bull consigned by Happy 11 which grossed $5,100. There was a good string of second calf bred tiger stripes females consigned by Robbie Graff, which came in at $2,500 per head.  Many thanks to all the buyers and sellers, who helped to make this sale a success.
    Keep in mind our ICA family in Beaumont, Texas will be putting on their sale in March 2021. Watch our website, or if you are an ICA member, you will see more details on our E-blast we send out. Until next month stay safe, let it rain and God Bless.

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