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President’s Address

published: April 3rd 2020
by: Chloe Wilson
source: ICA Of Texas

Agriculture does not stop. Hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, or worldwide pandemic, farmers and ranchers keep going.
    With COVID-19 disrupting every facet of life, reports keep flooding in that there is NOT a shortage of food and other necessities. There is a hoarding issue, but there is not a supply problem. How is that? How is it that when the world seems to stop turning, there is not a food supply issue?
    Agriculture does not stop. Farmers are still planting and harvesting. All those frozen and canned vegetables come from good soil across America. Men and women still waking before dawn and working well past dark. Agriculture does not stop. Ranchers are still out feeding their cattle, hogs, chickens, goats, feeding all the animals so you, too, can be fed. Animals do not get quarantined and still re-quire constant care.
    I wonder what all the PETA and HSU people are doing to ensure animal safety and well-being. Are they sitting on their couch watching movies and munching on some snacks brought to them by the dedicated farmers and ranchers still going? Do they even think about what other people are doing to ensure they are fed? Probably not.
    So while everyone is holding up in their houses don’t forget to thank a farmer or rancher for the food you are eating. You would not be able to survive without their sacrifice and dedication.

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