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President’s Address

published: February 20th 2020
by: Chloe Wilson
source: ICA Of Texas

Have you purchased a new truck lately or looked at the prices? Ouch!
    The cost to consumer has gone up but the calf prices for the producer are staying the same. Where is the disconnect? In the meat case, in 2000 a pound of ground beef never exceeded $1.65, in 2015 it averaged $4.23, today it’s $4.50. A change of 270%.
    In 2000 the average cost of a gallon of milk was $2.35, a 4-door pick up $28,000, live cattle prices were $.75. Today a gallon on milk costs $3.17, a new 4-door truck averages $65,000, live cattle prices are $1.25. 
    Everything has increas-ed but not equally. Fuel, land, feed, water, taxes have all gone sky high. It all plays into the bottom line and that line is getting further and further away. 
    The so-called trickle down affect in the cattle industry hasn’t benefitted the producer. Everything we use costs more now than ever. The average rancher with under 50 head pays even more for everything without the aid of bulk pricing. Ranchers just keep tightening their belt and wait for the market to tell them what their calves are going to bring.
    By no means can ICA control the market prices but we can give you EQUAL representation regardless of how many head you own. Our membership is producer issue driven. Join today to help protect your livelihood in an industry that favors the feeders and packers.

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